Yes, I drink pickle brine. And yes, for years, it was my most shameful secret. But there’s no reason to empty Coca-Cola cans and then fill them with pickle brine to hide what I’m really drinking anymore because Grillo’s Pickles has partnered with Two Robbers Seltzer Company to create a pickle-flavored hard seltzer. Sure, like all things pickle related, the pickle seltzer trend started as an April Fool’s joke, but Grillo’s made it the real deal so try laughing at me now, Mom!

Why you should try Grillo’s pickle hard seltzer

Although pickle-flavored seltzers are nothing new, the collaboration between Grillo’s and Two Robbers Seltzer Company offers a unique spin on the niche hard seltzer flavor. Both brands are noted for their fresh ingredients and never use artificial flavors, which is unfortunately still a rarity in alcohol and pickle production.

How to get Grillo’s pickle hard seltzer

Starting June 8, you can purchase Grillo’s pickle hard seltzer at Acme, Giant, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Weis, and other independent retailers for only $11.99. But scurry on over as fast as you can because I’m probably going to sell out every store within a hundred-mile radius of my apartment.

Grillo’s partnership history

In the past, Grillo’s partnered with Road Beer Company in 2018 to create a kettle sour concoction and Lord Hobo Brewing to create another limited edition brew. Grillo’s even worked with J.P. Licks to offer pickle enthusiasts an ice cream filled to the brim with pickle bits. Unfortunately, these pickle-inspired legends are no longer available for purchase.

Other pickle-flavored hard seltzers to try

There are tons of pickle-flavored seltzers to try. However, I am most looking forward to tasting Shiner Straight Shooter Pickle Hard Seltzer, BrüMate and Crook & Marker’s Hard Pickle Seltzer, Rio Fresco Hard Seltzer Dill Pickle, and Wild Acre Magic Brine Hard Seltzer