Pickles are quite a controversial topic at the dinner table. We all have that one friend who can't stand the sight of the fermented food. If you think about it, indefinitely storing vegetables in a jar full of vinegar sounds flat-out disgusting. However, there's a group of us who can look past the initial weirdness of pickling. Here's a compilation of things that only pickle-lovers like myself would be caught dead doing. 

Pickling Festivals

Yep, people will drive hours to celebrate this food in all its fermented glory. These pickle festivals are revolutionary. Thousands of people show up to sample all different types of pickles, from sweet, savory, to somewhere in-between. These cultish gatherings don't limit themselves to the classic cucumber. Pickled carrots, beets, and even garlic can be found there. 

Pickles Here, There, and Everywhere

If you're a pickle person, then you're probably in the habit of incorporating them into most meals. Feeling a sandwich? No problem, throw a pickle in it. Salads are even easier to sneak a few bites in. But if I'm speaking for the pickle-loving community, noshing on dill pickle by itself brings the most satisfaction. Only true pickle-lovers will relate to the joy each pickle brings.

If it Tastes Bad, Eat a Pickle

One of the pickle's primary purposes is its ability to mask whatever else you're eating. This turns people away from it's culinary genius, however, it shows just how useful the pickle can be in potentially-dangerous situations. If you need something to camouflage the taste of a bitter drink, the pickle is the go-to food. Even better, drink some pickle juice.

Overall, pickles are quite the versatile food. They can be sweet, sour, and I've even had my fair share of spicy. Basically, the pickle can be whatever you want it to be. Long live the Pickle.