National Pizza Day was just under a week ago, so what better than to celebrate with some 2022 pizza statistics from the pizza app Slice and their Slice of the Union report for 2023? The data all about 'za goes into the newfound love for random pizza toppings, the most expensive pies across America, and more pizza predictions for 2023. 

Game day pizza wins top spot

While evaluating different areas of where pizza was most popular, Slice found that football was the number one sport to claim the most game-day pizza orders. I know I definitely ordered a lot of pizza during the Ohio State Football games this past season, there is nothing better than celebrating football with some pizza. When looking at award shows, the People’s Choice Awards won for the most pizza orders, meaning people really love to chow down on some 'za while watching their favorite celebrities win awards they voted for.

People are dipping their pie into…ranch

To my surprise, according to Slice, mushrooms were named the topping of the year, as they were seen to be on 8.9% more pizzas, along with ranch being a topping on the rise with 9.7% more orders with it in 2022. What I found to be most interesting was that the most expensive pizza was from: drumroll please… Oregon! A whopping $26.94 per pie — it must be worth it to be that pricey. Oklahoma had the least expensive pizzas with an average of $12.70 per pie. I begin to wonder what the real difference between these two states pizzas really are. 

People want pineapple & pickles on pizza

One of the biggest debates, arguably ever, is whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not. In 2021, pineapple pizza rates rose 76%, so it was predicted to continue to rise. However, it was found that there was an average of 6.1% less pineapple on pizza orders in 2022. I have personally never been a fan of pineapple on pizzas, and never will be, so I am happy with this result. The predicted trending pizzas for 2023 are all things pickle pizzas and Roman-style pizzas; which do you think will have more orders for 2023? I’m voting pickle pizzas all the way. 

Slice’s goal is to encourage the public to try local pizzerias, and this data is truly helpful to encourage pizza shops to serve what the public likes most. Trying local pizzerias is always the way to go, there is nothing better than an authentic pizza.