Over the last year, topping a pizza with pineapple has become a hotly contested argument between people all over the world. How did this debate all start, though, and why is everyone still talking about it? Let's talk about the origin of this debate, and settle it once and for all. Pineapple belongs on pizza, and here's why.

How It All Began

Pineapple as a pizza topping dates back to the origin of "Hawaiian Pizza" (cheese pizza with ham and pineapple) in 1962. Hawaiian pizza was created by Sam Panopoulous at the Satellite Restaurant in Toronto, Canada. Since its creation, pineapple as a pizza topping has been a highly contested idea.    In January of 2017 the debate over pineapple on pizza heated up to another level on Twitter after the following tweet went viral: 

This tweet alone sparked the first Twitter controversy of 2017 — does pineapple belong on pizza? This was only the start of the debate though, as people continued to talk about it throughout 2017. 

The World Weighs In

Following this tweet the debate overtook Twitter with celebrities of all kinds weighing in. The internet continued the debate throughout the spring when a tweet surfaced about a pizza delivery man refusing to put pineapple on a pizza someone ordered (see below). 

The poor pizza delivery guy became hated by pineapple enthusiasts around the world who bashed his actions online. However, to some others the pizza delivery guy became a hero and was commended for his actions that "saved" people from bad pizza. 

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau weighed in on the topic on twitter: 

Why Pineapple DOES Belong On Pizza

First of all, it is scientifically proven that pineapple belongs on pizza. There is nothing better than a little bit of sweetness to cut through a salty snack like pizza. Pineapple adds a much needed pop of sweet to the flavor profile.  

Secondly, pineapple has many health benefits. Pineapple is a tremendous source of Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. These vitamins and minerals help with blood pressure, digestion, and overall health. You can't hate on topping pizza with something that actually is good for your health. 

Finally, let's face it. We all love chowing down on a piece (or a lot of pieces) of pizza, but we regret that decision a few hours later. Don't forget, though, pineapple is a fruit, just like tomatoes. Therefore, adding pineapples to tomato sauce is almost like having a little "healthy" fruit snack. Next time you can feel a little less guilty about having that extra slice of pizza.

At the end of the day, when it comes to pizza toppings, to each their own. We may disagree, but pizza is pizza and it will continue to be there for you when you need it most. And never forget that there are worse things in life than pineapple going on pizza: veggies on pizza.

You can weigh in too, cast your vote here on this pineapple pizza debate.