Being from Rochester, NY, Wegmans is kind of a big deal. Actually, it's a huge deal and easily the biggest attraction in my small town. It has everything ranging from prepared dinners to makeup to the best fruits and veggies around. Without a doubt, Wegmans is the best grocery store in the country and the northeast's obsession is fully justified. Here's how you know you're completely obsessed:

1. You find yourself there almost everyday. 

No matter what you need, Wegmans is a one-stop-shop for everything. Some newcomers get lost in the aisles but I could spend hours in the store and never want to leave (enough know I know the store like the back of my hand).

Whether it's for lunch, breakfast, or dinner you seem to always have an excuse to make a trip to Wegmans. 

2. The employees at the sub counter know your usual order by heart.

beer, pizza, tea, cake, coffee
Katie Coviello

At peak lunch time, the line is always long for the sub shop, but as you approach the front, the lady is already working on your usual order.

The employees at Wegmans will make your day because they are always one step ahead of you. Wegmans strives for incredible customer service every day and it is very noticeable as a customer.

3. The free kids cookies are NOT only for kids under eight. 

If you're doing your trip to Wegmans right, you will stop at the free cookie spot in the bakery and grab a cookie (or two) for your shopping trip. The Wegmans Famous Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are a must-have on everyone's grocery list.

4. You do laps around the store picking up free samples on weekends.

Knowing the sampling schedule and where about in Wegmans is a key life hack. This can completely turn you grocery store experience around and involve free vegetables, cheeses and desserts. 

5. You go in for milk and bread but come out with a full cart.

apple, pasture, vegetable, juice
Katie Coviello

Suddenly when you're in Wegmans everything looks amazing and you end up spending 10x as much as you had budgeted out. The worst thing is when you go shopping hungry and end up breaking into a bag of potato chips you told yourself you didn't need mid-shopping trip.

6. There is never a problem the bulk candy section can't fix.

The only problem that I ever have had in the bulk candy section is the price on the sticker after I drop ten pounds on candy on the scale. The appropriate response to this is to close your eyes and proceed directly to the checkout.

7. You made sure there was a Wegmans within 30 minutes of every college you applied to.

Katie Coviello

When looking at colleges, I couldn't imagine moving to an area out of the "Wegmans Zone." Wegmans has 91 stores in only seven states in the northeast (New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts).

Wegmans is a perfect place to go for a meal off-campus when you are craving a home-cooked meal. The prepared meals will definitely be just like your mom's homemade chicken and mashed potatoes.

8. Your jaw drops open every time you hear someone has never been to Wegmans. 

Often times I forget that I live in an area with an abundance of Wegmans stores and not everyone has the same privilege. On parents weekend, my family and I even took my roommate to Wegmans for the very first time.

9. You buy cakes for no occasion at all because you just can't resist.

cake, birthday cake, buttercream
Katie Coviello

Walking past the dessert case at Wegmans makes you question any kind of diet you thought you should go on. Every dessert calls your name and you end up justifying buying a cake for your two-thirds birthday or some other made up holiday.

10. You even work there.

Wegmans offers a variety of jobs and has one that appeals to almost everyone. Personally, I started off as cashier and then transferred to bakery. Being that Wegmans is one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For according to Fortune Magazine, it's a highly desired company for many teenagers to get their first job at and some continue their career there.