When Coca-Cola isn't coming up with killer ads or personalized bottle labels, the company is dreaming up its next biggest hit — and this latest one isn't kid-friendly. That's right, Coca-Cola is taking its beverages to the next level with its newest product, Lemon-Do, which contains alcohol. 

But There's A Catch...

Unfortunately, this drink was launched as an experiment, and it is only available in Japan. In the past, the pop franchise has targeted Japan as a prime location for its trial-and-error products because of the country's quick turnover rate with food/drink trends. 

Lemon-do is only being offered in the Kyushu region of Japan, which is the Southernmost of the Japanese islands. The Kyushu region has a population of roughly 13 million food-and-drink connoisseurs who are always looking for new things to try. 

Inspiration Behind The Lemon-Do

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Coca-Cola Japan president, Jorge Garduno, describes it as "a canned drink that includes alcohol," but it's much more than that. This drink was the company's way of making its mark in Japan's growing market of spiked soda drinks, also known as Chuhai. 

Chuhai is a fruity and fizzy "alcopop," which is a spiked soda with a small percentage of alcohol. Most of the Japanese Chuhai drinks vary in alcohol content from 3-8%, which is probably why Coca-Cola decided to offer three options of 3%, 5%, and 7%. 

Lemon-Do is Coca-Cola's contribution to the Chuhai drinks, and while officials won't disclose the recipe, it has been confirmed that the traditional Chuhai drink is a blend of a distilled beverage, sparkling water, and flavoring.  

What Consumers Are Saying

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The beverage was launched on Monday, May 28 in Fukuoka of the Kyushu region. Two days earlier, the company threw a pre-launch event, which hosted over 6,000 eager Coca-Cola lovers. So far, the reviews are looking good.

Consumers have used the word "refreshing" to describe the drink, and one interviewed customer said, "I like the strong lemon flavor." And the best part? The refreshment has been described as "not too pricey," coming in at a reasonable $1.40 per pop.

So what's next for Coca-Cola? A few die-hard consumers have voiced their opinions about moving the Lemon-Do to other areas, but the company is still tight-lipped about the future. We're just one week into the release of this new drink, but Coca-Cola fans are wondering what it's like. If you find yourself in Japan, give it a try and leave a review!