When I think of how to relax–especially around the middle of the semester when the workload seems to be exponentially increasing–I think of my kitchen at home. During high school I worked for hours at the table on my homework while my mother cooked dinner for our family. While she cooked, she would drink de-caffeinated tea, mostly from Republic of Tea, especially in the late afternoon as the kitchen became filled with the most delicious smells. Her usual fall tea that she sips while making dinner is either Ginger Peach or Vanilla Almond. 

There are so many different ways to enjoy this autumn season, whether it is by going apple-picking, carving a pumpkin or carving a turkey at the Thanksgiving table. Who doesn't love snuggling up under a blanket with a warm drink on a brisk fall day to look outside the window at leaves falling? One of my favorite ways to enjoy a warm cup of tea is to drink it sitting in the big armchair in the living room, wrapped up in a blanket, reading a mystery novel. As much as I would love to do all of this at college, drinking tea is the closest way to recreate the experience. These are a few of my favorite fall teas that have made it into my collection at college: 

Ginger Peach

Sarah Morris

This is the best tea of them all. If I had to describe my house with a smell, my answer is this tea. It is usually complimented with a splash of honey to make it a little bit sweeter, but it can definitely be sipped on its own. While my mother drinks this tea in the fall, I love it the most year-round, but will admit that I enjoy a mug full of it in the autumn.

Pumpkin Spice

Sarah Morris

Would this really be an article about teas for fall without this one included? The usual pumpkin spice latte just does not suit my fancy, as it is a bit too creamy and sugary for my taste. This tea has a similar pumpkin spice taste, but is not quite as overwhelming as the pumpkin spice latte.

Good Hope Vanilla

Sarah Morris

The category of "Red Tea" made by the Republic of Tea is a special kind of tea. It needs to be steeped for a bit longer, but I personally have left mine in for much longer than the recommended time of 5-7 minutes. This category of Red Tea is known to be naturally caffeine free. This tea can be served with and without honey because it is rather sweet on its own.

Hot Apple Cider

Sarah Morris

One of the best fall drinks by far is Hot Apple Cider, so why not enjoy it in tea form as well? While this tea does taste similar to the cider, it uses a blend of mulled cider spices with the apple. If tea doesn't suit your fancy, then it may be a good idea to

Caramel Apple

Sarah Morris

Not only is it a tasty fall dessert, it can be made into a tea as well! This one is a recent addition to the my fall tea collection this semester, but well worth it.

All of these teas can be found on either Amazon or the Republic of Tea website, and they are definitely worth it. Have a cozy fall and a snuggly winter.