Now that we've finally emerged from the post-Thanksgiving food coma, it's officially holiday season. For many, that usually means stuffing our faces with as much gingerbread and as many peppermint-flavored goodies as possible. But for those of us who don't want a sudden uptick in cavities and blood sugar levels, here are some healthy holiday snacks to make sure you make it through the holidays with your healthy diet intact. 

1. Nonni's Biscotti

Waking up in the winter can be a struggle. It seems like no matter what time you get up, it's always still dark outside. For a quick boost in the morning, try a biscotti alongside a shot (or two) of espresso. The sweet flavors of chocolate, almonds, and even caramel pair perfectly with bitter coffee. All the biscotti, including the ones dipped in chocolate, are 110 calories apiece or less.  

2. Halo Top Gingerbread House Ice Cream

The original low calorie ice cream company has got you covered this holiday season. This limited edition flavor combines cookie pieces that have just the right amount of spice with swirls of vanilla frosting. Just a spoonful brings back childhood memories of decorating gingerbread houses while surreptitiously sneaking bites of the cake and the frosting. The best part? An entire pint is only 360 calories. 

3. Peppermint Mocha Coffee-Mate Creamer

Although a grande Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks will add 440 calories to your day, this creamer adds the same holiday feel with only 35 calories a tablespoon. Although a tablespoon of creamer doesn't get you whipped cream and chocolate curls, you'll still get the warm, minty mocha flavor.

4. Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle

I don't know about you, but whenever I crave something sweet and crunchy, I reach for brownie brittle. It combines the rich chocolate flavor of brownies with the crisp snap of thin cookies, mixing the best of both worlds. For the holiday season, Sheila G, the creator of brownie brittle, has released a mint chocolate chip flavor with dark chocolate drizzle that's sure to delight. 

5. Splenda Holiday Nog

Splenda, a company known for its sugar substitute, has created its own version of eggnog called Holiday Nog. Holiday Nog contains real cream and milk but uses water and Splenda to cut down on extra calories. If you are trying to cut down on your sugar intake while still getting in the holiday spirit, Holiday Nog is the drink for you.

6. White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Enlightened Ice Cream

This festively flavored ice cream comes from Enlightened, another company devoted to making sure you can have all the cream you want with none of the guilt. This ice cream brings to mind one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season: all the limited edition drinks that are released during the holidays. Now, you can satisfy your cravings for ice cream and sugary caffeinated drinks all in one delicious, low-calorie pint of ice cream.  

7. Iced Gingerbread Clif Bars

A favorite of college students and endurance athletes alike, this energy bar is unsurprisingly one of the healthiest things on this list. It's perfect for those who want a little taste of the holidays after a workout or between classes. 

8. Almond Breeze Egg Nog

Eggnog is one of the original iconic holiday drinks, and until now, one of the most unhealthy. Even though this drink has only 70 calories per serving, you definitely won't miss the extra calories. This drink is perfect for everyone, from those who can't have dairy in their diets to those who just want to have a healthier version of their favorite festive beverage.

9. Peppermint Bark Quest Bars

Protein is all of the rage nowadays. Everyone and every company are trying to find unique ways to incorporate it into a flavorful treat. Quest Nutrition has been making protein bars since 2010, and they have fully mastered creative and unique bars in flavors from birthday cake to pumpkin pie. The peppermint bark is no exception. Heat it up in the microwave for 10-12 seconds for basically a warm cookie.

10. Maple Cheerios

Cheerios has released a few seasonal flavors in the fall this year, including Pumpkin Spice and Maple. Don't be fooled by their fall themed boxes—a serving of flavored Cheerios is a great way to start your day. Cheerios are not only heart healthy, but also are proven by the FDA to lower cholesterol

11. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel barkTHINS

A sweet and salty pretzel and dark chocolate snack gets an upgrade with some peppermint. barkTHINs are made with Fair Trade chocolate. The quality ingredients make for an awesome way to suit your chocolate cravings. If you're not a fan of peppermint, try their gingerbread version.

12. Califia Farms Cold Brew Ginger Snap Latte

Coffee lovers rejoice! If you are looking for a healthy way to get your seasonal coffee fix, Califia Farms has got you covered. The cold brew coffee presents itself with a strong, yet smooth flavor. Despite not having dairy, the latte is super creamy and delicious from the almond milk. With the flavors of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and molasses, you won't miss the cream.

13. Yasso Sugar Cookie Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

Want the sweet flavor of grandma's signature cookies without grams? Yasso has created a frozen Greek yogurt that even grandma would approve of that come perfectly portioned at only 120 calories a pop. The frozen yogurt is jam-packed with bits of sugar cookie pieces and red and green sprinkles, just in case you weren't already in the holiday spirit. 

14. Gingerbread Protein Cake Bites

Optimum Nutrition's Protein Cake Bites are great alternatives to an actual cake or cookies. Each pack comes with 3 mini cakes made up of whipped protein filling and enrobed in a layer of white chocolate. The cakes are packed with 20 grams of protein, so you can feel good about indulging in these sweet treats. 

15. Celestial Seasonings Tea

A winter is not complete unless you spend at least one day cuddled in blankets, binge-watching Christmas movies, and sipping a warm drink. But although hot chocolate is delicious, it is not necessarily nutritious. Fortunately, Celestial Seasonings has a full range of holiday teas, all of which are zero calories. The herbal teas come in Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland, and Gingerbread Spice. If you're a green tea person, Cane Candy Lane is right up your alley. 

The holidays don't have to be the time of year when you desperately attempt to avoid the sugary treats at every corner, only to end up giving into your impulses and stuffing your face. You can have your cake (or whatever holiday treat you prefer) and feel good too.