MyFitnessPal is a weight loss app created by Under Armour. Not only does the app work as a calorie counter, it also includes a pedometer, water intake tracker and goal setter. These features make MyFitnessPal more than just an app that tracks weight loss. This app encourages a change in lifestyle to achieve goals in a healthy way.

Check out these features of this must have app:

Food Logging

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Sarah Spiro

The biggest appeal for MyFitnessPal users is the ability to set a daily calorie goal. There is even a water intake log to make sure users are staying hydrated.

MyFitnessPal lists over 5 million foods in its log chart. There is even an option to manually input nutritional information. By having a daily goal rather than a limit, MyFitnessPal offers a positive, game-like appeal to encourage users to add calories as they are consumed. 

Exercise Tracker

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Sarah Spiro

MyFitnessPal also offers exercise tracking and a pedometer. By logging steps and activity, calories are deducted from the overall total. Seeing the amount of consumed calories drop after a great workout makes you feel less guilty when you add those extra calories when you really shouldn't have.

You can also link your Fitbit or other devices to make sure you are making accurate submissions. 

Serving Size

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Sarah Spiro

The truth is that most people don't acknowledge serving size, especially in a dining hall. MyFitnessPal tracks servings by asking how many servings the user consumed to avoid overeating.

Progress Chart

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Sarah Spiro

The most motivating feature of the application is the Progress Chart. This chart provides a way for users to see their improvements throughout their health journey. Being able to see progress through data adds a visual appeal, making it less likely to grab an extra cookie or two for dessert.

While there are many health apps for users to choose from, MyFitnessPal has been the most helpful for me and many. Each feature aids in supporting users towards their health goal, while making food tracking fun and exciting.

MyFitnessPal is much more than a dieting app—it is a health tracker, a lifestyle changer and a personal motivator.