It's funny to see how we are retracing our steps back to our forefathers and adopting their mannerisms, by making use of emojis aka sign language. We're probably a bit more advanced because we even have an emoji for beer. But then again, maybe the cavemen did too. However, WhatsApp in its new update has raised the bar (haha, see what I did there) to release a set of new food emojis into the virtual world. Some of these were long overdue and the world was waiting for them with crossed fingers. Now that they're here, it's time to celebrate because these new WhatsApp emojis are everything you needed in life, and more.   

1. Pancakes

candy, butter, chocolate, cream, pastry, sweet, cake
Nikita Yadav

For all the times I wished to visually describe my cravings for breakfast (or midnight) pancakes, I had to make do with failed textual descriptions. It looks like WhatsApp has decided to make it up to me by introducing this stack of beautiful babies topped with a generous amount of butter. 

2. Sundae

ice, sweet, milk, cream, coffee
Nikita Yadav

This sundae emoji is #flawless. It's a stylised version of its older emoji cousin, which couldn't be much more in life than a basic scoop of ice-cream. This new Gen-X sundae looks so much like a diva that it might as well walk the New York fashion week this year. Don't miss the chocolate cigars it's wearing, and carrying off so beautifully.      

3. Taco 

edam cheese, gouda cheese, gouda, cheddar, dairy product, milk, dairy, cheese
Nikita Yadav

With the advent of Taco Bell in India, tacos have become an instant hit with the Indian audience. And with this new WhatsApp emoji, the taco fever has only struck harder. It features among my 'most used emojis' list, and for good reason. Now every day can be Taco Tuesday! 

4. Salad

apple, sweet, grapefruit, lime, juice, lemon, citrus
Nikita Yadav

On the days I think of avoiding junk food, and turning over a new leaf (haha, see what I did there again), this salad emoji comes to me speaking words of wisdom. It motivates me towards a life of clean eating, but who am I kidding. That's the last thing that's ever gonna happen. Moreover, I feel like rabbit food is just not my thing. 

5. Bacon

sweet, candy, rose
Nikita Yadav

The higher a food ranks on the unhealthiness scale, the wider its popularity. Bacon is one of those foods. But don't worry, this emoji has got us covered. No matter how many bacon pieces we make on WhatsApp, we aren't getting any thicker. So sit back and chomp on some guiltless and greaseless pieces of pork.  

6. Bento Box

rice, sushi
Nikita Yadav

An updated Bento Box is now available! This emoji screams 'extraaaa'. But who cares? This is good extra. It's like being transported to sushi heaven. WhatsApp has done a scary good job of paying close attention to detail, making sure to even include the umeboshi (pickled plum) sitting atop the sticky rice. I try not to indulge with this emoji much, because then the cravings kick in and they are uncontrollable. 

7. Whisky 

ice, tea, cognac, wine, whisky, liquor, alcohol
Nikita Yadav

For the longest time, only wine, champagne, beer and milk lovers could virtually pregame on WhatsApp through emojis. It's time for the whisky lovers to rejoice, and how! Let your imagination run wild as to what's in the glass- bourbon, scotch, it can be anything you like. Haters will say there's apple juice in the glass, but we know better!   

Type away folks!