Every avocado aficionado knows that avocado is more than just a toast topping, it's a lifestyle. Avocados are filled with the good kind of fat, and can be good for skin as well as belly. There is so much that can be done with avocados, and now they are sweeter than ever in the form of creative gifts. Here are a few great gifts for the unique avocado lover in your life.

Avocado Leggings

Avocado goes together with yoga like organic peanut butter goes with natural jelly! Sweat out the bad vibes in these leggings and then refresh yourself with some healthy fats in a creamy avocado smoothie.

Avocado Bathing Suit

Chances are that your avocado-loving friend is from . . . California? There's no better way to show love for avocados than while soaking up the sun in this killer suit.

Avocado Card

'Tis (always) the season for avocados. A sweet note in a card is personal and sure to make your avocado lover feel especially loved.

Avocado Lotions and Soaps

Maybe if I eat enough avocados and also put them on my body I will become an avocado? Plenty of foods are great for the skin, not just the tummy.

Avocado Artwork

A print of avocados will be a constant reminder of your everlasting love for avocados. This portrait will steal the show in any dorm room. 


It's such a no-brainer; wrap up a bundle of actual avocados. Your nearest supermarket probably sells them, just be sure to time the ripeness and have some toast on hand.

An Avocado Tree

Avocados on Tree

amslerPIX on Flickr

No need to cash out at Whole Foods for your weekly avocados when they're growing right in your back yard. Avocados can even be grown indoors. With your own supply of them, there are so many opportunities.