Summer'17 is humid and hot this year. With all our trips to the beach, walks in the city, and hang outs at the pool, our body needs to stay hydrated. H2O is always an option, but here are some alternatives and add ons for maintaining a healthy body. Here are the best foods to keep you hydrated this summer. 

Anything Cucumber

Water is great to drink but sometimes it can get boring. Cucumbers are a great way to dress up your beverage. A mixture of cucumbers, lemons, and limes will keep you hydrated, quench your thirst, and keep your skin looking flawless. Cucumbers are a great snack to munch on too. Cucumbers are full of Vitamin C and caffein acid which smooth the skin and reduce irritation and swelling. This is a great way to keep your skin hydrated after spending days in the sun. 


Cantaloupe is a DELICIOUS fruit that will forever be one of my favorites. This sweet treat is a great source of Vitamin A and is almost 90 percent water based. This melon is the perfect pool side snack. 


Speaking of melon, Watermelon is one of the most popular summer fruits. It literally screams aesthetic beach vibes. While this red juicy melon might make the perfect Instagram post, it is also is the perfect hydrator. Watermelon has a 92 percent water content and many essential salts and calciums for the body. So while Beyonce has been drinking watermelon, so have we! 


Carrots can be served a million different ways and still give you the best health benefits. Whether they are juiced, steamed, grilled, or snacked on with a side of hummus, carrots have some great healing powers. They are made up of almost 87 percent water and have multiple antioxidants. 


Mangos, so sweet, so pretty, and so underrated. This fruit has vitamins and water that can heal your body from the damage of the sun. Mangos are filled with Vitamin A, B6, and C and have plenty of fiber. 

Raw Broccoli

Raw Broccoli is a great source of Vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. This veggie can be served in a yummy salad or even eaten by itself. Broccoli is a super lifesaver when it comes to getting the right nutrients. 


berry, pasture, strawberry, vegetable, cherry
Olivia Vantuno

These little berries are 92 percent water and is an excellent source of vitamins and natural sugars. Strawberries also have high levels of Vitamin B that keep arteries clear. 

Hydration Complete 

All of these foods are great eats that keep you staying healthy and hydrated for summer. After a long day of sitting in the sun, these fruits and veggies could clear up any heat and sunshine damage done to your skin. These foods will keep you happy and healthy during the hot months.