Cooking is a therapeutic stress reliever that distracts you from reality. At least, for some people. It always fun to work with new gadgets, especially in the kitchen. So with that in mind, here are some fancy and funky kitchen gadgets to get you out of your head and into the kitchen.

KitchenIQ Scale

This is easily my favorite new kitchen gadget. Forget about how much easier it makes portioning and healthy eating. It's so much fun to play with in general. Connect it with the app to have it follow and track your meals, the nutrition information in what you eat and your exercise. It will keep you busy and healthy at the same time.

Casabella Guac Lock

There's no debating, guacamole is amazing. From nachos to burritos and even recipes you wouldn't expect it in, it's a staple. The one problem, it spoils sooooooo quickly. But not with the Guac Lock. Make yourself some guacamole and store it in here to keep it safe from browning.


It may seem like a slang term from the 90's, but in actuality, it's the best excuse to make your own pizza. Instead of pulling back the knife and making your fresh, melty cheese glop at the edge of your slice, or trusting a stranger to get the right ratio of toppings, grab a scizza and then a slice. Try it after making one of these pizzas. Yum. 


Biem is the toast partner you've always wanted. If you've ever tried spreading butter on a piece of toast then got super annoyed at the fact that it just sat there in chunks, you need one of these. It turns your butter into spray, so not only is it evenly distributed, but you don't have to clean a knife trying to spread anything.


It's a spoon. It's a spatula. It's a spadle. This nifty transformer in the kitchen cuts your cleaning by acting as both a spoon and a spatula. It even has some extra features like a flat squeegee tip to scrape your dish clean, a deep ½ cup scooping head, measuring lines for recipes, and a handle that acts as a built-in spoon rest. Making soups and sauces has never been easier. 


There is nothing I hate more than craving ice cream and not being able to scoop it out because it's too hard. ScoopThat is a hand-heated ice cream scoop that channels thermal energy and heats the scoop to melt ice cream just enough to help you get the perfect serving every time. Dig in.