Ever wish you could find away around buying those pesky chemical-propellant-operated cooking sprays for baking and cooking but still get the butter-spray effect? Well, with biem Butter Sprayer, now you can.

Austin-based entrepreneur Doug Foreman has launched the biem Butter Sprayer, which can convert a stick of butter from solid to liquid spray in seconds in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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Photo courtesy of biem Butter Spray

The biem Butter Sprayer is to appear on ABC's The Shark Tank on Friday, October 14 at 8:00 pm, to showcase the innovative new kitchen tool and get cooks excited about it across the country.

The sleek design is more than sexy, it's functional: with a silicone front, and a stainless back, the battery-powdered spray has a comfortable hand grip, and an easy-to-use proprietary touch control. Even better is the easy-to-load and easy-to-clean design, and the smart on/off accelerometer. 

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Photo courtesy of biem Butter Spray

Ready in seconds, it turns the biem on and off automatically based on when you pick it up and put it down, and weighs in at a mere 1.5 pounds.

The butter is heated without the use of any chemical propellants to the perfect temperature (95°C) to ensure it does not overheat. And to prevent food waste, the unit can be stored on the counter or refrigerator, and save the remaining butter for another time.

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Photo courtesy of biem Butter Spray

A self proclaimed "butter solution" to everyday cooking, the biem Butter Sprayer has a multitude of potential uses, limited only by your imagination and the number of sticks of butter in your refrigerator.

Aside from being the perfect way to easily and cleanly coat saucepans and baking pans, the biem Butter sprayer is proving to be a useful culinary shortcut—saving you from a big mess, extra cleanup time, and uneven buttering.

Use to spray on toast in the morning, to coat your grilled corn before seasoning, spritz your veggies before giving them a roast, evenly coat popcorn without any dreadful sogginess, and coat the outside of your grilled cheese before pan-frying. Or simply give a spray of love to all of your favorite butter-ables, from pasta to potatoes to pancakes to muffins and more.

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Photo courtesy of biem Butter Spray

So keep your eye out for Doug Foreman and the biem Butter Sprayer on ABC's Shark Tank. And get excited, the future is definitely here, and it's coated in butter.