Valentine's Day... for some people it means being smothered in gifts and love, while for others it means eating a tub of ice cream on the couch watching endless rom-coms. Whether you love it or you hate it, you have to admit that Valentine's Day gifts are the one's we wish we got. Roses, chocolates, jewelry, who wouldn't want that? However, who also wouldn't want a dozen donuts or Chick-fil-a nuggets? These food-themed presents are the perfect way to give your someone special something new and innovative. Plus, there's no shame in indulging in them alone.  


Nothing says "I love you" more than a box of nuggets, am I right? Ditch the chocolates this year and buy your valentine's an order of 30 nuggets or 10 Chick-n-Minis that come in a heart shaped container. Apart from this already amazing deal, they'll also be serving heart-shaped biscuits until Valentine's Day. Besides, if you buy two boxes, 60 nuggets will probably last you until Sunday when you're craving Chick-fil-A the most. 

Dunkin Donuts

America runs on Dunkin, including on Valentine's Day. Roses are romantic, but let's be real, they wilt and die after a couple of days. Donuts, on the other hand, are versatile, delicious, and can be saved for later. This year, Dunkin Donuts is upping their Valentine's game by rebranding traditional donuts with new names and intricate designs. The number of donuts is endless and whether you're buying a dozen for yourself or someone else, the employees will never know who they're really for.

Edible Arrangements 

Chocolate and roses are romantic and traditional, but fruits covered in chocolate, arranged as flowers are on a whole other level. Apart from the adorable heart-shaped pineapple slices, this V-Day bouquet also includes a gourmet Belgian chocolate pop. Edible Arrangements also offers an array of other choices to choose from like classic chocolate covered strawberries and even a chocolate covered strawberry bouquet.

Pizza Hut

When you think of Valentine's Day, the last thing you think of is pizza. However, Pizza Hut is trying to change that. They're bringing back their heart-shaped pizzas for the holiday. Not only can you enjoy this meal from the comfort of your own home, you can also send one to your loved ones across the country to show them that you care. 

Mrs. Fields Cookies

We all love a batch of warm, freshly baked cookies, but what about a warm, freshly baked cookie cake. That's right. The mecca of cookie cakes is dishing out their Valentine's Day edition in the cutest way possible. Apart from the message on the cake being customizable, you can receive up to 15% off your order site wide.


If you want to show someone you really care, then Ladurée has the perfect mini gift for you. This year, they're selling heart-shaped macaroons. These little hearts are filled with raspberry jam and are the perfect sweet to splurge on. Apart from these macaroons, Ladurée also offers a Valentine's Day box that holds 6 macaroons. 


We've seen the boxes of chocolates, and strawberries, and now chicken nuggets, but what is more indulging than a box of cinnamon rolls? This V-Day, Cinnabon is treating its customers to this special box which includes 7 fully cooked and iced, 4-inch cinnamon rolls. The best part, there's no need to bake them yourself and cram them in a heart-shaped box. 

Even if you don't have anyone to celebrate Valentine's Day with this year, there's no reason you shouldn't treat yourself with these special treats. In actuality, you can order one of these gifts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all throughout the day. Don't dwell on your couch munching on a cheap box of chocolates, love yourself and buy a 30 count box of Chick-fil-A nuggets for once.