Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate friendship, love, and most importantly, dessert. If you're wracking your brain over the perfect gift to send your long distance bae, your bff who lives across the country, or even your parents, look no further than these mouth- watering gifts. After all, nothing says "I love you" better than sweet treats and paying for shipping.

1. Baked by Melissa Macarons and Cupcakes

New York City staple, Baked by Melissa, is famous for their teeny tiny cupcakes. Their Valentine's Day collection features adorable pink and red cupcakes, along with their recently introduced macarons. The petite size of these goodies will make you the cutest valentine around.

2. Ballsy Bites

What’s better than cake? Cake in the the shape of a ball. Ballsy Bites makes moist, round cakes, and their Valentine's Day collection features red and pink cake covered in white chocolate. The moist, soft goodness will have your valentine begging for more.

3. Momofuku Cake Truffles

The Milk Bar is best known for their Instagram-worthy treats. Their rich birthday cake truffles are available in adorable heart-themed packaging. What’s better than birthday cake from your valentine?

4. Jars by Dani

Sometimes the best desserts are also the cutest. These aesthetically pleasing jars combine rich flavors to create a delicious and well packaged treat. Pretty on the outside, even better on the inside (just like your valentine).

5. Edible Arrangements Chocolate Covered Strawberries

There’s nothing more romantic than chocolate covered strawberries. These Edible Arrangements treats take them to the next level with Valentine's Day decorations that are sure to show your special someone just how much you love them.

6. Georgetown Cupcakes

There is no cupcake better than a Georgetown Cupcake. With flavors like red velvet and vanilla topped with hearts, your valentine will fall in love at first bite.

7. Cheryl's Valentine's Day Cookies

Remember elementary school, when everyone got a card and your mom made the best homemade cookies? You're never too old for a heart shaped cookie, and Cheryl’s are the very best.

8. Cherry Republic's Chocolate Covered Cherries 

Everything is better when it’s chocolate covered. Cherry Republic is a Michigan staple, and they have delicious cherries covered in all different types of chocolate. Your valentine will be shocked at how quickly he or she finishes the bag.

9. Halo Top Ice Cream

Let’s be honest, Valentine's Day is not always such a happy holiday. If you have a friend who's struggling, send them some delicious Halo Top ice cream that they can eat while they binge watch romantic comedies. 

10. The Cookie Dough Cafe

What’s more romantic than letting your valentine lick the cookie dough spoon? This cookie dough is made to eat, and it tastes just as good as the kind you make in your kitchen. Your valentine will love it so much, she just might give up eating baked cookies for good.

With any of these delicious options, you'll earn yourself the title of World's Best Valentine, no matter how far away you are from the ones you love.