Once upon a time, in a place called Northern Michigan, a magical fruit known as the cherry began to blossom. This event would change Northern Michigan considerably for years to come. In 1989, the charter for the Cherry Republic was established in Glen Arbor, Michigan. The region had not seen such culinary excellence in years, and the brand began to redefine Michigan cuisine.

Three decades later, with four locations (Glen Arbor, Traverse City, Charlevoix, and Ann Arbor), Cherry Republic is synonymous with Michigan, and visitors from all over flock to their stores to see what it’s all about. So why does everyone love this place so much?

cherry republic

Photo by Levi Teitel

It’s a Michigan brand

Cherry Republic is out of Glen Arbor, and it’s become one of the most iconic food brands from the Great Lakes State. Since Michigan produces more than 70% of the cherries in the United States, Cherry Republic is living proof that Michigan is the best state ever.

All of their products are freakin’ incredible

You literally can’t go wrong with any of their products, because each and every one of them is delicious. Not only do they sell food products, but also things like beverages and lotions.

Cherry wine

They have both reds and whites, and they aren’t that expensive so why not splurge on a few bottles? Or if you’re feeling adventurous try their Cherry Sangria.

Chocolate-covered cherries

cherry republic

Photo by Levi Teitel

Chocolate?! Did you say chocolate?! You’ve probably never tried cherries covered in chocolate before, but this might just be the best chocolate-covered fruit combination around.

Cherry ball pit

Their store in Traverse City has a freakin’ ball pit. Age isn’t a restriction here, so dive in at your leisure.

Sour Cherry Patches

sour patch

This is undoubtably their best candy product. It’s a little too easy to eat a whole bag in one sitting—the subsequent stomachache is definitely worth it though.

Cherry salsas

After trying their cherry salsas, you’ll never want to dip a chip in anything else. They pair great with the cherry tortilla chips. #SpoonFavorite: try the Hot Cherry Salsa.


cherry republic

Photo by Levi Teitel

Need we say more? Free samples are 99.9% of the draw to Cherry Republic. Make sure to stop over at the bar in the back to sample the cherry wines and ciders. #SpoonTip: Don’t be afraid to ask the employees for more.

Cherry nuts

Deez nuts are simply irresistible. They make dozens of nut mixes, and some even include the drool-worthy chocolate-covered cherries in them. You’ll be snacking on these all day long, guaranteed.


Last, but definitely not least, are their signature jams, preserves, and butters. Your morning toast has never tasted so good until you spread on this delicacy. #SpoonFavorite: Cherry Pepper Jelly.

If you’ve never stepped foot in Cherry Republic, now is the time. If you can’t make it to the store, be sure to check out their products online. It’s clear that Cherry Republic is one of the best brands Michigan has to offer, and it makes us all proud to be living here.