The holiday of flower bouquets, heart-shaped chocolates, corny cards and stuffed animals – otherwise known as Valentine’s Day – is fast approaching. Believe it or not, if you (or your significant other) is a dedicated Valentine’s Day celebrant, there is a way to surpass the cliché V-Day gifts, and find something for your special someone that is actually, well, cool.

Check out this list – made up of edible treats and appropriately-themed culinary tools – and aim a little higher this Valentine’s Day; we promise these gifts will make sure you get something good in return.

1. For the one who loves to bake:

Rather than a box of chocolates that will be eaten in one sitting, give your significant other a gift that keeps on giving, like this heart-shaped baking pan from Target. They’ll love it, and you’ll eventually get to indulge in some delicious heart-shaped treats. Make brownies, make cupcakes, make THESE. Go nuts. Definitely a win-win.

Photo from Target

2. For the current pre-med:

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has their goal set on being a doctor one day, they’ll love this anatomical heart mold. It’s the perfect vehicle, or vesicle if you will, for some red Jello. To spice things up, we suggest adding some alcohol to the mix. Before you know it, you’ll be bypassing through that heart straight into party mode.

3. For the animal lover:

If your Valentine loves animals, there’s no better gift than artisan chocolates from Rescue Chocolate, which donates all its proceeds to animal rescue organizations. You can choose from 7 different types of chocolate (all are 100% vegan) with adorable names, such as Bow Wow Bonbons and Peanut Butter Pit Bull. So even though chocolate is a traditional (re: cliché) gift, if you get your chocolates from Rescue Chocolate you’ll definitely get points for originality, and for being a good person.

Photo by Rescue Chocolates

4. For the winos:

If your BF or GF orders wine from Instacart more than twice a week, a personalized wine bottle from Etching Expressions will be your best bet. Send in a picture of the two of you or a personalized message and it will be hand-engraved and painted on the wine bottle of your choice by skilled artisans. You may end up drinking the whole bottle and forgetting parts of your romantic evening, but your Valentine will be able to keep the special bottle and cherish the night forever. And in the event you forget a wine opener…the evening can still be saved.