As Valentines Day is approaching quickly, the chocolate box sale is off the charts, and people start to panic about finding the perfect chocolate. Whether it's for a special significant other, or a solo movie night, a box of chocolates always does the trick. It's useful to know what type of chocolate matches with your significant others, or your, personality. They say life is just a box of chocolates, but which special chocolate treat are you?

Chocolate Caramel: Adventurous 

First off, of course, are the chocolate caramels. This delicious treat is for the crazy -not in a bad way- personalities out there. Similar to caramel, your personality is sweet, fun to be around, energetic, and actually addictive. You're always searching for new, incredible adventures. Life is awesome for you, caramel! 

Chocolate Strawberries: Thoughtful 

Chocolate covered strawberries are one of the most beautiful and delicious Valentines treats. Just like a chocolate covered strawberry is always a great pick me up, you tend to be selfless, and always try to make people feel better. 

Milk Chocolate: Perfectionist 

If you're a milk chocolate lover, most people are undeniably drawn to you. You rarely make mistakes, and like to have everything in perfect order. You go with your instincts, and challenge yourself to be your best, which tends to be perfect.

Dark Chocolate: Sophisticated

If these dark chocolate truffle beauties are your favorite, you're the most sophisticated person your friends know. You've always been smart, well-rounded, and have pretty great judgement. Since dark chocolate is very popular with adults, liking this chocolate makes you seem like a mature, old soul. 

White Chocolate: Quirky

If white chocolate is your ultimate favorite, you're definitely not single this valentines day. You're funny, loud, and absolutely an acquired taste. 

Make sure to enjoy whichever chocolate is your favorite this Valentines Day, you deserve it!