We all know dark chocolate has numerous health benefits, but we cannot forget about its sweet, smooth sister: milk chocolate. So in honor of National Milk Chocolate Day (which can really be celebrated any day of the year), I thought I would retrace my milk chocolate journey and share my favorite milk chocolate candy bars, in no particular order.

Milk chocolate, though always tasty, comes in a variety of shapes, flavors and textures. This guide will help you decide which sweet treat is right for you.



Photo Via cadbury.co.uk

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate: a velvety and creamy chocolate, not just for Easter anymore.



Photo Via foodbeast.com

Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate: a creamy and truffley chocolate.



Photo Via dovechocolate.com

Dove Milk Chocolate: a smooth and silky chocolate.



Photo Via lindtusa.com

Lindt Milk Chocolate: a smooth and velvety chocolate. Doesn’t this look mouthwatering? 



Photo Via us.greenandblacks.com

Green & Black’s Milk Chocolate: a rich and creamy chocolate with sophistication. 



Photo Via ghirardelli.com

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate: a rich and smooth chocolate.



Photo Via amazon.com

Milka Milk Chocolate: a smooth and creamy chocolate.



Photo Via thorntons.co.uk

Thorntons Milk Chocolate: a double creamy chocolate.

So what will it be? Rich, creamy, velvety and soft, the combinations are endless. Hit up the nearest grocery store for the bar that sounds best, and celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day the right way. 

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