Whether you've got a full time job or living the intern life this summer, lunch breaks are inevitable. In fact, they are one of the best parts of the day. If you're like me and you're waking up at 5 a.m. every day to begin a treacherous commute, you're going to want to pack your lunch the night before. If you're lucky and have enough time to do it before work, kudos. The issue with bringing your lunch is that it's often clunky, things don't stay cold, you can't fit everything, or you just forget it all and end up spending all the money you earn back on food. With these to-go dishes, you're able to hack your work week and master the art of packing your lunch. 

1. Sistema Salad Max

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Taylor Holmes

This three in one package is so perfect for any lunch combination. You could put pasta, salad, a wrap, chips, pretty much anything in the bottom part. On top, you could squeeze in extra salad toppings or some sides like fruit or crackers. The small container in the middle is perfect for salad dressing, peanut butter, nutella, or your other favorite dips.

Taylor Holmes

2. Sistema Divided Klip-It

Taylor Holmes

This two sided container comes in clutch for snacks. You could use it for cheese and crackers, celery and carrots, pretzels and hummus, or a variety of other yummy combinations. If you plan on going out to lunch or if your work is buying, you can still come prepared with a snack to tide you over. 

3. Sistema Soup Mug To-Go

If you're the kind of person that enjoys some nice soup even in the sweltering heat, this one is for you. It easily transports your liquids and allows you to microwave it without the handles getting hot as well. The vent on top allows for the steam to escape and you have delicious lunch in no time. 

4. Lunch boxes to be proud of

Please, no more brown paper bags or bulky childish lunch pouches. These stylish lunch boxes are cute and functional. A lot of them are insulated to keep your food cool before you get to work and can stash them in your fridge. Try Old Navy for the one pictured here.

5. Hydration Station

Failure to stay hydrated while working can quickly cause fatigue and headaches. Choose a water bottle that can keep your water cool throughout the day like these colorful S'well bottles. For some, you can add a chunk of ice at the beginning of the day and it will still be there come 3 p.m. There are so many different types of water bottles on the market today that it's no trouble finding one that expresses your personal style.

Taking your lunch to work can seem like a nuisance, but once you get into the routine and with a little help from these hacks, you'll be adulting like a pro in no time. If meal prepping is your struggle, check out these other articles that can help. What's your favorite way to pack your lunch? Tag us on Instagram @spoonuniversity!