Like they say, “fail to plan and plan to fail.” Meal prepping is a craze that’s sweeping the fitness nation. However, cooking a whole week’s worth of meals can certainly be time-consuming. You’ve spent hours prepping this food, don’t sacrifice your nutrition plans to your busy days at work or school. Check out these four bags that will make sticking to your strict meal plan not only easier, but trendier too.

1. Elite Victoria


Photo courtesy of @misssammiii on Instagram.

This bag is able to carry nutrition for a full day (4 meals) and also provides storage for everyday items that you may need to carry to class or work with you. The Victoria tote is especially useful for commuters with packed schedules as this bag also features a laptop compartment as well other organizational compartments for your wallet, phone, keys, etc. and has a zipped closure.

The tote comes fully stocked with four Sure Seal containers, one Sports Nutrition Compact for organizing supplement pills, and two gel packs that slide into the tote’s core to keep your meals fresh and cool for 8+ hours. Available in red, black, blue, or black/pink.

2. Renee


Photo courtesy of @6packbags on Instagram.

This tote is sleek and designed for for looking professional and stylish. Available black, navy, or stone, the Renee tote is able to carry four meals (maybe even give some of these a try for your new bag).

Included in the tote are four Sure Seal Containers, two small gel packs, one large pack, and a Sports Nutrition Compact. Besides storing meals, you can also carry your laptop in the  bag’s main compartment along with any other accessories you may need that can be stored in organizational pockets. Available in black, navy, or stone.

3. Elite Vixen


Photo courtesy of @6packbags on Instagram.

This bowler bag lets you carry two meals with you throughout your busy day. The bag comes preloaded with two Sure Seal Containers, one Sports Nutrition Compact, and two Small Gel Packs. The main compartment is not quite big enough for your laptop, but contains enough organizational pockets to keep your phone, keys, headphones, wallet, etc. stored safely. Available in black, black/pink, red, and blue.

4. Camille


Photo courtesy of @ryallfitness on Instagram.

This sporty tote’s insulated modular core system is able to keep four meals cold, organized, and independently accessible. Whether you’re in the office, at school, or even somewhere more adventurous, this colorful bag comes equipped with four Snap Lid Containers, one Sports Nutrition Compact, and two Small Gel Packs.

In addition, the Camille features a large main compartment with a laptop compartment and organizational pockets for any other gear. And here’s a helpful guide for packing your new favorite beach bag. Available in Black/Red, Lime/Black, Light Blue/Maroon, Pink/Purple.