When I was younger I never realized the health benefits of drinking tea and almost never had it, except for the occasion I was sick or wanted a late-night drink. If I did drink tea it was also usually vanilla or that Sleepy Time Tea targeted towards kids. Despite my lack of consuming tea, there was always a large stash at my house, which was decorative nonetheless. 

Rosaria Rielly

Within the past few years, I have grown to realize how drinking tea is a great way to get the necessary daily caffeine without all the added calories, such as with coffee. Whenever I am home on break from school, I start my day with at least one cup of tea and usually have one before bed as well.

One of the benefits of drinking tea includes that it is so important towards one's health in different ways. 

Rosaria Rielly

Pure Tea is Calorie Free

Without all the additives and flavors tea is calorie free, hot or cold. This makes a great alternative to drinking water, and a calorie free option to drinking coffee. 

Tea Also Naturally Has Caffeine

Again opposed to coffee, teas have about 50% less of the caffeine in coffee, meaning that you can drink more without getting fidgety effects on your body.

Rosaria Rielly

Tea Contains Antioxidants 

Tea works to help keep the body healthy and staying protected from harmful diseases, making one stronger through its natural ingredients.

Rosaria Rielly

Studies Show Tea Protects Against Diseases and Preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Cancer

Some of the natural ingredients in Black tea and Green tea are able to protect the body by making it stronger and healthier.

Weight Loss Could Be a Benefit of Tea

The enzymes within Green tea are able to increase one's metabolism and fat burning, making you able to burn more calories faster. 

Rosaria Rielly

Drinking Tea is a Stress Reliever 

Green tea contains extracts that are able to reduce stress when drunk in excess, about 5 cups daily. This calming effect could also be achieved through drinking decaffeinated tea, such as my favorite Chai or Chamomile tea.  

Rosaria Rielly

Besides all the benefits that come from drinking tea, also comes the option to personalize your drink from the mug you choose. This mug is one of my favorites and I use it whenever I am home. 

Although I love drinking tea and all the health benefits that come from it, I did not completely switch from my need for coffee. I learn to balance the caffeine and calories, having tea daily while also enjoying coffee and lattes, especially back at school as a college student.