Slowing down in college and finding time to sit down for a meal isn’t always practical. I, like many other students, feel burdened by classes, projects and club meetings, but still have the desire to eat well. With a wide range of nutrition bars in the health section of the supermarket, the amount of options can be overwhelming. Which one is the best for me? Which is the richest in nutrients? Which will keep me full? After a semester of taste-testing, the answer couldn’t be more clear: GoMarco Bars.

The Backstory

GoMacro was created in 2003 by Amelia Kirchoff, who was fighting breast cancer on a farm in rural Wisconsin. Rather than traditional cancer treatment, Kirchoff opted for a macrobiotic diet derived from ingredients from her family farm. A decade later Amelia is doing well and using the recipes that saved her life to create a company that inspires healthy living around the country.


Each bar comes wrapped, ready-to-eat on the go. If you have no time for lunch and only five minutes to spare, these bars will become your best friend. The bars are not made from a granola base, but instead contain a chewier consistency that allows you to not worry about shedding pieces of the bar while eating on the go. Practicality is my biggest reason for choosing a bar over a meal.


The benefits of GoMacro don’t stop with its practicality. There are over 16 flavors and a variety of bar types; from peanut butter chocolate chip to cherries + berries. My personal favorite is the coconut + almond butter + chocolate chip. The chewy consistency allows you to savor the flavorful and rich taste within each bite.


The paramount reason I choose GoMacro while eating on the go is the comfort in knowing and understanding every natural ingredient used. No soy, gluten or dairy products are brought into the creation of these bars. There plant-based ingredients are taken from the top organic and non-GMO certified growers. Being certified R.A.W (real, live and whole) and C.L.E.A.N ( conscious, live, ethical, active and nourishing) is a major deal when it comes to bars, as GoMacro is one of the only bar companies to receive this certification.


While the price may seem hefty compared to other bars on the market  (the average bar usually ranges from about $2 to $4), I promise you it's worth the investment. When considering the price of competing organic bars and what you would pay for a normal meal, you will soon realize these bars can help you cut back on eating on the run or dining hall meal swipes.

As I kick of my sophomore year at U of M, I know the importance a healthy diet has on my success as a student and person. GoMacro will surely be a major contributor in helping me avoid processed foods and managing my time. Routine is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy diet, and GoMacro bars are a simple way to balance your diet and save time in college.

#Spoontip: If you’re not hungry enough for a full bar, GoMacro now offers MacroBar Minis (100 calories each) in some of the original flavors —it's the perfect afternoon snack to avoid over-eating!