GoMacro Bars are the answer to my prayers. Throughout my adolescent life, I have always struggled to find a protein bar that's nutritious AND delicious. My high standards didn't help my search but I tried to really look for the overall ideal protein bar. The day I had a GoMacro bar, I was hooked.

These bars have recently gained popularity in the health food world for being gluten-free, vegan, macrobiotic, and organic that have a texture like taffy and a heart of gold.

I accumulated the best tasting bars and the worst tasting bars, comparing them side by side.


1. Cherries and Berries 

I went into tasting this bar with high hopes. I love cherries and I love berries, but the texture and flavor of this bar took me by surprise. It was soft and sour which was not favorable. 

2. Apple and Walnut

Although the Apple and Walnut bar wasn't the absolute worst, it's almost as bad with its weird fruity flavor and texture of being too chewy.  

3. Granola and Coconut

Although this bar had promise, it failed to fall through as a yummy breakfast bar. Instead, I tasted weird oat flakes and a sort of gross tasting coconut flavor (and I love coconut so that was hard to swallow). 


3. Almond Butter and Carob

I was surprisingly pleased with the flavor of Carob and its ability to blend with the almond butter. The texture wasn't too chewy and the Carob provided a sweetness that some other bars were lacking. 

2. Banana and Almond Butter

This is the perfect bar for a power breakfast bar. The banana flavor comes through extremely well while the texture remains firm. I personally LOVE this bar because it's simple yet satisfyingly tasty. 

1. Peanut butter and Chocolate Chip

This bar was the best one I tasted. I either eat this bar for breakfast or a snack every single day. The chocolate chips are a perfect way to incorporate flavor and the texture is like taffy. Highly recommend!