Two liters. Eight glasses. When you have tempting options like Naked Juice or Peet’s, fitting the daily recommended amount of water into your day can be quite the challenge. However, it is undeniable that water is an extremely pivotal part of any diet. For college students dealing with the struggle of staying healthy, being hydrated is one easy way to offset any other bad food choices that are bound to happen.

Here are three fast and easy methods that will improve the taste of your water and help you reach that prescribed daily intake of H2O.

1. Get fresh fruit.

Adding fresh fruit to your water adds taste, color and loads of antioxidants that help boost your metabolism, making your skin more radiant and giving you more energy. Lemon and lime in particular are great additions and work well together to brighten your skin. Putting these in your water bottle in the morning with a few mint leaves ensures a drink that will not only keep you hydrated, but also alert and more energized to go about your busy day.


Photo by Julia Liang

Spoon tip: Slice your fruit and freeze them in individual Ziploc bags during the weekend so you can just grab a bag and throw the fruit in your water before you leave during the week.

2. Get a clear water bottle.

Studies show that we tend to think things taste better when they look better. So one simple way to make sure you drink more is to make your water look more visually appealing. Surprisingly, using a clear bottle to display your fruit will make you that much more motivated to take a sip. If you start getting annoyed at having random bits of fruit floating around in your bottle, Detox Water will be having gorgeous bottles designed for having fruit soon. Along with amazing water bottles, Detox Water has a large variety of recipes that will definitely inspire you to try something new with your water.

3. Change your routine.

Switch up the fruits you add to your water bottle every week or so to make things even more exciting. Other great options include raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and cucumber. Making changes to your weekly recipes forces you to think about what you’re putting in your body and will motivate you even further.


Photo by Julia Liang

Though very simple, putting thought into your water consumption is a cost-effective and fun way to get healthy and give yourself an extra boost throughout the day. Give these three steps a try and you’ll soon find yourself knocking out those two liters without even having to think about it.