There has been a longstanding tradition of the differentiation of lightsiders on Hamilton's campus, or those into science and math, and the darksiders, those who are on the more artistic side. Fortunately no remarkably large lightsaber-wielding brawls have broken out on campus because of it, but it's prominent enough to have lasted this long. Hopefully all that distinction can go out the window and we can see Aries and Scorpios goof off in diner, or Sags and Geminis socialize in Commons. Here's where to eat on Hamilton College's campus based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Diner

With your competitive spirit and will to win, you're bound to have the best time at diner. Not only will you have delicious food at your disposal, but you'll be able to snag that spot in the notoriously long line for your friends on a Wednesday for buff mac, or ruthlessly cut the whole line for some Diner b, and somehow be the lucky one to get a bowl of chili at dinner time. You'll have the best luck in this spot and the food will taste that much good because of it.

Taurus: Opus 1

Taurus, your strong, creative personality would feel right at home at Opus 1. Not only are the campus-wide famous cookies there to feed your headstrong attitude, but the comfy sofas and chairs and relaxing music create the perfect environment to settle down and get some work done. Plus, Opus serves a variety of coffee and other foamy caffeinated drinks, so if you need to pull a long haul study sesh you're all set.

Gemini: Commons

For a Gemini, deciding where to eat on Hamilton College's campus won't come easy since you'll fit in almost anywhere. However, a Gemini's kindness and expression works best in as dynamic and diverse an environment as Commons dining hall. With the many groups that congregate here for meals, there will always be a spot for you to sit and enjoy your meal. And that meal will always be good of course, since you have the creativity and optimism to turn any sorry menu selection into a delicious dining delectable. Everyone at the table will love your presence and tips for spicing up bland food.

Cancer: Opus 2

You've got some smarts, Cancer, which is part of why you sometimes keep your circle small and to the point, just like the menu at Opus 2. Grab a bite that's particular to you, whether its a peanut butter cookie warmed up or a sweet chai, then enjoy your space since this café is located in the science center right by an ideal study space. Invite some friends for a coffee date and enjoy your space.

Leo: Diner

Since you love social interaction and always stand out, Diner is the place for you as a Leo. With the many options to choose from, you'll find that your friends appreciate your finality when they need your help deciding what to order or what song to play on the jukebox. You yourself will have no trouble deciding from the variety of sandwiches, wraps and combos that diner has to offer, no doubt ordering something that everyone will be inclined to follow. Diner is definitely a place where your personality will shine and stomach will smile.

Virgo: Opus 1

You are analytical and particular with what you do, Virgo, which is why Opus 1 is the spot for you. You can choose precisely what you like with the many options at Opus 1, and after you settle in to crack open a book or watch some new video on YouTube at the comfy spaces outside the café, you may run into a friend passing by. You'll have a perfect balance of good food and good vibes when if you choose Opus 1.

Libra: Mcewen

Mcewen is the perfect spot for any Libra. The many options presented by the global area of this dining hall will always serve something of interest so you'll never have to worry about what to eat. Discover new flavors here too, which could inspire you as you move on with the rest of your day. There's always something different to spice up your palate, so there's no doubt you'll have the best and easiest time eating here.

Scorpio: Diner

Scorpios, you got the perfect personality that would flourish at diner. In a place that's always jumping, your trailblazing attitude would make this place all the more lively and fun for the rest of us. With comfort as both an inspiration for the food and the vibe, Diner will offer you solace at all good, bad, or in-between moments of the day. It's the perfect place for you to represent yourself through the food you order and the music you play at the famously lit jukebox.

Sagittarius: Commons

Sags, y'all are social butterflies. Outgoing and funny, Commons is the best place to be where you'll entertain a broad audience. Even if you don't come in with your friends, someone is bound to sit with you at crowded lunch hour and just be another opportunity for you to make a friend. Although the options are somewhat limited at Commons, your creativity and optimism will spark and you'll always have good meals.

Capricorn: Opus 2

When it comes to where to eat on Hamilton College's campus if you're a Capricorn, Opus 2  is the place for you. It is situated so you have space and get your work done, but can eat some good food too. In fact, the isolation of their options of chili and Hamilton famous cookies from the meal plan makes them extra coveted, so when you claim your "high end" Opus-eating status, it'll actually be legit. There is no doubt that Opus 2 will serve all your needs as a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Mcewen

Mcewen is the best place for you, Aquarius. Their diverse foods are the best option if you want to feed your deep, thoughtful soul. There's always something different, and the chefs are friendly and always up for talking, so indulge in your thought process while munching on a classic loaded potato, unconventional sweet potato edamame cakes, spicy coconut curry shrimp and more.

Pisces: Euphoria

Pisces, you always bring calm and sweetness to a room, which is why your normally mellow vibe would fit in perfectly at Euphoria. Their many sweet as well as sharper options will fit whatever mood you're in, and this coffee shop is a great one to introduce your friends too if you're looking for a hang. Plus, there always the people who just chill at Euphoria and would be graced if they got your pleasant company.

So Many Options...

So will there be any food-fueled feuds as a result of differentiating the spots where each zodiac sign might have the best time eating on Hamilton's campus? Well I sure hope not. But food is meant to bring us together, so even if we do keep our distinctions as light or dark-siders or as Diner or Commons-goers, the diversity of options of foods for us to pick when deciding where to eat on Hamilton College's campus will draw us together regardless.