With magical foods such as Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (yes, I did mean to use the British spelling there), Halloween feasts made by house elves, replenishing sandwich plates, and of course, Butterbeer, it's hard for our muggle cuisines to even compare. But, just in case Harry and his friends decide to sample some muggle food here at UCF, we've picked out where every major Harry Potter character would eat on campus or on University Boulevard so that they don't have to wonder.

Harry Potter: Burger U

With its pub-style atmosphere, unique flavor combinations, and

über fun events, Burger U best suits Harry's adventurous personality. From spicy buffalo to coconut curry to teriyaki, the sauce options for wings alone are enough to get Harry drooling. Later, he can chow down on a Blackened Mahi Sandwich (my personal favorite) and some sweet potato waffle fries with MARSHMALLOW dipping sauce, and finish off with a Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownie and maybe a Krispy Kreme Shake. With the most resemblance to the Three Broomsticks on campus, Burger U will bring back Harry's memories of his first trip down Diagon Alley and leave his taste buds bursting with bold flavors.

Hermione Granger: Topper's Craft Creamery

Unlike Harry, Hermione doesn't find the idea of eating dense, greasy food that would likely dirty her robe particularly appealing; that's no way to fuel her brain. And while Topper's Craft Creamery won't provide her with a four-course, nutritious meal, it'll provide the best desserts she could possibly hope for on UCF's campus.  What's not to like about light, creamy, old fashioned custard made fresh throughout the day served in her choice of a sundae, malt, shake, or waffle cone? Did I mention the flavors change every week so she'll never get tired of the same-old, same-old? Even Hermione can't be a critic here. 

Ron Weasley: Boar's Head Deli

While Ron might not be the biggest fan of his mom's homemade corned beef sandwiches, Boar's Head Deli is sure to give him a nostalgic reminder of Mrs. Weasley's cooking which she always made with love. So at Boar's Head, maybe Ron can skip the corned beef and opt for a SmokeMaster Black Forest Ham, Italian, or Ovengold Turkey Sandwich. Either way, he's sure to quench his massive appetite here and, since he's pretty much always on a tight budget, he doesn't have to break the bank for a meal!

Albus Dumbledore: '63 South

I had trouble picking out a place for Dumbledore to eat because I couldn't really hone in on what kind of food he would be into; until I came to the realization that Dumbledore doesn't care about what he's eating, it's about where he's eating. Allow me to explain: Dumbledore is the kind of dude that would eat just about anything. Don't believe me? What about that time the man ate an earwax flavored jelly bean and didn't even seem to be remotely disgusted? See what I mean now? As for where he'd like to eat, Dumbledore prefers to be in a large dining hall surrounded by his students and faculty and '63 South at Ferrel Commons is just that. Sure it's not the Great Hall at Hogwarts but it'll do just fine for him!

Hagrid: Lazy Moon Pizza

While the slices of pizza at Lazy Moon Pizza may be slightly larger than the average human head, they're the perfect size for a half-giant like Hagrid. Finally, some food tailored to his size and with so many toppings and options for him to choose from. Hagrid wouldn't mind spending the day here, enjoying giant slices of pizza and then kicking muggle (and wizard) butt at Lazy Moon's Bocce League.

Serverus Snape: Starbucks Coffee

Why would a British Potions professor want anything to do with this giant American coffee chain? As a former Starbucks Barista myself, I can tell you that my training was the muggle equivalent of Snape's course. Each drink has it's own specific recipe where you had to make sure to pump exact amounts of syrup and steam milk for an exact amount of second--not to mention you had to time everything just right so that your espresso shots didn't expire. So, in essence, each drink we made was like a potion in itself--minus the magical effects. So now let me ask you, why wouldn't Snape want to come here? He'll walk right up to the counter and demand a Venti Iced Quad Caramel Macchiato with exactly 4.75, instead of 5, pumps of vanilla, infused with half a bezoar and if the barista gets it right, he'll leave a decent tip. 

While you're at UCF, make sure to check out the places that your favorite HP character would eat! And if your favorite character wasn't in this article, then use this as an opportunity to go out and explore and find where your favorite HP character would eat at or around UCF!