Season two of The Bear buttered my biscuit, if you know what I mean (of course you do, you dirty dog…or should I say bear?). Across the 10 episodes — all named after food like  “Pasta,” “Bolognese,” and “Omelette,” — the shattering poignancy of each scene made my binge-watching experience incredibly emotional. And I would know. I binged the whole first and second season in 24 hours. Almost as emotional as Richie when Fak threatens to call Mom (Sugar) about the mold problem. In fact, I cried so much my roommates said I came out looking “like September.”

There’s more hot chefs this season.

Although I was supposed to focus on the food, I kept getting distracted by all the hotties. I mean, FX and Hulu, what did you expect? The second you put Will Poulter and his glorious eyebrows on screen, my brain will absorb no other information (what can I say? I like a good set of eyebrows). And good god, Jeremy Allen White…oh yes, Chef! I’ve always had a preference for short kings, but chef’s kiss, he can father my children any day.

And it’s more star-studded.

For Community fans, yes, Gillian Jacobs and Joel McHale both make epic appearances. But it’s the characters played by Jamie Lee Curtis, Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead), and Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) who you’ll bring up in therapy. They deserve Oscars immediately. And, let’s not forget Sarah Paulson, John Mulaney, and Olivia Coleman’s cameos. I mean geez, even if food is more of a side character this season, you will not leave hungry.

Thanks @feistymexarican for bringing this video back to the public consciousness. It really sums up the final two episodes of season two.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Richie’s love for Taylor Swift?

Richie’s character arc is a never-ending tear-jerker. And yet, what’s really touched my heart, and that of Twitter, is his rapid evolution into a Swiftie. Although Richie starts listening to Swift for his daughter’s sake, the show soundtrack begins to use Taylor Swift music during Richie’s montages and he’s eventually seen belting “Love Story” in celebration of his stage work.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what era Richie enjoys after Fearless. Given what’s going on between him and his ex-wife, I have a strong feeling he’ll be queuing up Midnights’ “Question…?” every moment of every day during The Bear’s season three.

Oh yeah, and there’s the food.

While Sydney and Carmy work on the final menu, Tina heads to culinary school, Richie stages, and Marcus lives my dream making pastries in Copenhagen. Eventually, after eight episodes that will irrevocably change any viewer, their hard work results in an epically “thoughtful chaos menu.”

The final menu goes as follows: Focaccia/Lardo/Prosciutto, Broth/Grapes, Tuna Crudo/White Bean, Cannoli, Seven Fishes, Cavatelli/Sausage, Bucatini Gricia, Italian Beef T-Bone, Fior Di Latte/Caviar, To-Go Honey Bun, and Zeppole/Cherry Zabaione (which Marcus titles “The Michael").

If you try making this menu at home, I suggest you remember that “every second counts.”