I think we can all agree that hot dogs are the backbone of American society. Indeed, hot dogs are the only bright spot on days when you’re forced to watch a baseball game or go on a family road trip. And now, there’s even more of a reason to love hot dogs, because TikTok user @throatgoatnancyreagan, real name Patrick, is responsible for an epic Taylor Swift-themed food challenge. That’s right, this guy ate a hot dog during every era of the Taylor Swift concert, eating nine hot dogs in total by the end of the show.

A detailed list of the era dogs

Patrick started his trial-by-frankfurter with Lover Dog, then he moved on to Fearless Dog, Evermore Dog, Reputation Dog, Speak Now Dog, Red Dog Featuring Phoebe Bridgers, Folklore Dog, 1989 Dog, and to top it all off, Midnights: The Final Dog. If you’re wondering how he handled this onslaught of meat byproducts, Patrick explained the difficulty in his video’s caption: “it was a struggle to get these down past number 6 but i am nothing if not committed to the bit.”

Because the Speak Now era only includes one song, Patrick had to move on immediately from the Speak Now Dog to the Red Dog Featuring Phoebe Bridgers. Keep in mind, by that point, he’d already consumed six hot dogs. A question to ponder: New torture device unlocked or is food-induced agony the type of misery that makes life worth living?

Particularly inspired video comments

The video’s comment section became a bonafide idea board, filled with Swift-inspired hot dog names. My top two favorites were @opaljones’s “she stole his hot dog and dyed it key lime green,” and @mathewvmusic’s “I can see us lost in the hotdog, hotdog slipped away into a moment in time.” I thought up “the violence of the hot dog days,” and I’m immediately making it my new Instagram bio.

The future of hot-dog-eating-setlist challenges

Patrick plans to attend the Beyoncé performance at Gillette Stadium to continue his hot dog-eating efforts, provided he can secure tickets. So, come on, Gillette Stadium, give the people what we want! More ORIGINAL content.

How to replicate this experience

All you need is nine hot dogs from concessions to take part. However, keep in mind that Patrick spent $52.65 on his hot dogs. I would say that the bit was worth every cent, but that’s up to you and your wallet.

What do you say we keep these good vibes going and have food challenges at all the rest of Taylor Swift’s concerts? I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely doing a pretzel-per-era. I like to dangerously increase my sodium levels.