Free pizza for a year? Eras Tour Taylor Swift tickets? I would seriously be facing a dilemma. We have seen people do crazy things for tickets to see their favorite performers and we have certainly seen it all from Swifties.

As we all know, Taylor Swift tickets are impossible to get, and people are doing pretty much anything they can to get a seat at the show. Fans are waiting outside of venues for prices to drop so they can get a last minute seat, which is genius btw (when it works out), but others have different, and even better, ideas.

Zee’s Pizzeria in New Orleans is giving the ultimate offer in exchange for two Eras Tour Taylor Swift tickets: free pizza for a year (at least). “We’d scream if we could go,” Zander White, the owner of Zee’s Pizzeria, tells WGNO. “Me and my wife are big fans and we’d love to go. I don’t see a way to get tickets because they are way too expensive and too hard to get.”

White says he came up with this idea when he and his wife, like so many others, attempted and failed to get Taylor Swift tickets during the fall Ticketmaster fiasco. While White is extremely hopeful someone will pull through and take him up on his offer, he also thought it would be funny, hoping Taylor would find out.

White has left up a sign in his restaurant that reads “Free Pizza For Swift Tix,” which you can also find pinned on their Instagram page. So will someone please be an Anti-Hero and trade their Taylor Swift tickets in to White and his wife? I mean it’s a win-win, you’ll still be getting free pizza for a year.