Remember last summer when everyone was thirsting after Carmy and spending way too much time recreating the spaghetti recipe with butter and onions? Well, you can expect another several months of avid watchers pining after skinny chefs with tattoos and tempers. Season two of The Bear comes out tomorrow.


The Bear first aired in June of last year and is officially set to release season two on Hulu starting tomorrow. We couldn’t be more excited. The show, written by Christopher Storer, follows Carmy Berzatto (played by Jeremy Allen White) on his quest to save his family’s failing sandwich shop, The Original Beef, back home in Chicago after the tragic death of his brother. In doing so, he befriends and hires Sydney (played by Ayo Edebiri), a young and talented sous chef who is desperately trying and failing to connect with the rest of the waitstaff.

Season one recap of The Bear

If you are all caught up and anxiously awaiting the release of season two, then it may have been awhile since you've thought about The Bear. Here is a little reminder of what happened when season one ended. Carmy and Sydney are simultaneously getting to know the waitstaff and the way things used to run at The Original Beef while also working to recover the restaurant from debt. Carmy then discovers that his late brother was hiding cash in tomato cans stored in the restaurant which leads him to close The Original Beef and make a plan to reopen it with Sydney as The Bear.

What’s in store for season two of The Bear

From what we know, season two of The Bear is all about transformations. Now with his official plan in mind, Carmy must follow through with rebuilding a new restaurant from scratch and transforming an old sandwich shop into the next big thing. To do this, Carmy, Sydney, and the rest of the team not only have to physically rebuild the restaurant, but also in a way rebuild themselves and look into their pasts to create a better future.

The team is faced with not only figuring out construction plans, permits, and money, but also and most importantly a stellar menu that is unlike anything else seen before. And while they face these struggles together, they learn how best to be a team and how to most effectively serve each other and their future diners.

The show will also be seeing a few new on-screen characters including Molly Gordon, Will Poulter, and Bob Oden Kirk as well as some new writers and directors like Ramy Youssef and Stacy Osei-Kuffour.