Our generation loves finding ways to express themselves. From photography to baking to getting tattoos, there's some form of art that resonates with everyone. Tattoos in particular are becoming more popular. In fact, about 38% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo. If you're a foodie like me who's considering getting a tattoo, there's no better way to express yourself than with food tattoos.

Since I personally don't have any tattoos, I spoke with a couple of my tattooed friends for their insider advice and tips. Firstly, make sure you take plenty of time to plan your tattoo. Browse for ideas online and bring them to a tattoo artist that you trust. Be vocal about your wants because ultimately it's your tattoo. One of my friends averages about a year and a half from the start of planning to the day so she gets the actual tattoo, so don't let anyone pressure you into making a rushed decision.

#SpoonTip: Another friend of mine considered the visibility of the tattoo with respect to different clothing, how it'll look as she gets older, and what will happen if she gained weight or lost weight. 

Not sure where to start looking for inspiration? I've compiled a list of 27 über cute food tattoos to spark your creativity. Keep in mind that these food tattoos are meant to be a starting block; let your imagination play with the colours, location, and size of the tattoo. 

Fruit-Inspired Tattoos

"Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside." Girls, take notes; these are words to live by. I think this pineapple would also look super cute in color on your wrist. 

I'm a summer girl at heart, so this big slice of watermelon reminds be of long days at the beach, reading books in the hammock, and chilling with friends. 

A daily reminder to be versatile and flexible, just like a bunch of bananas. Personally, bananas hold a special place in my heart because I eat one just about everyday for breakfast. 

I love how this food tattoo design incorporates not only the strawberry, but also the delicate design of the strawberry vine and flower as well. I think it would also look cute as a wrist, finger, or shoulder tattoo. 

Sweets and Treats

I'm a firm believer in treating yourself everyday, and this cupcake tattoo is a great reminder. I also like that it's black and white because then its flavour can change based on your mood and personal preference. However, if you're a red velvet connoisseur for life, then go for it. 

I love the idea of finger tattoos. They're subtle, small, and intimate while still making a statement. And what better way to thank Starbucks for getting you through your degree than with a cup of joe?

For all my fellow chemistry nerds, this structure is theobromine. Found in cocoa, it is responsible for the mood-elevating effects of chocolate. Translated from Greek, Theobromine literally means "the food of the gods." This is definitely a tattoo I could see myself getting. 

"Donut worry, be happy" is an excellent reminder that university can be stressful and that donuts will be there for you even during the worst of times. You could even go for a donut and coffee tattoo combo. 

I remember dunking chocolate chip cookies in milk as a child, so this food tattoo evokes some warm and fuzzy memories. Not to mention, the smiley faces make it hella cute. Tailor the tattoo by making the cookie your childhood favourite. 

Minimalistic and elegant. The perfect combination of summertime treats. This is an excellent option if you can't settle on one tattoo design. It would also look cute on your wrist and with a little bit of colour.

I spent a term studying abroad in Belgium and took every opportunity to try French pastries and treats. But the classic croissant will always hold a special place in my heart. I was really drawn to the placement on the ribs, but it would also look look cute on the inside of your elbow or as a finger tattoo. 

Can't decided what tasty treat to get? Consider getting an assortment of your favourite kitchen tools instead. This is a great customizable tattoo that would also look good on your forearm, wrist, or finger. You could also consider getting this style of tattoo on the back of your neck.

Fast Food

Is there anything more defining in a college student's life than pizza? I think not. I love the behind the ear placement, which can be easily hidden by wearing your hair down. But honestly, a pizza tattoo would be trendy anywhere on your body. 

Burgers and fries before guys, amiright? Consider getting your favourite fast food combo tattooed on your hip.

Tacos and margaritas: the perfect Friday night celebration feast. Well, for a university student at least. Or, just get the taco tattooed on your wrist. 

Honestly, everything is just cuter with a face. 

Popcorn is my go-to study snack during exams. I love the idea of getting some kernels mid-pop as opposed to a more traditional bag of popcorn. I would consider getting a popcorn tattoo on my shoulder. 

Breakfast Bites

Waffles hold a special place in my heart. I remember making them on Saturday mornings as a child and then continuing the tradition in university. If I designed my own waffle tattoo, I would probably get a smaller version of this tattoo in black and white tattooed on my ankle. 

While I don't eat bacon, I think this infinity-inspired food tattoo is an interesting take on the classic infinity sign. Other foods you could consider turning into infinity symbols are pizza, candy, french fries, or some cutlery. It would look rad on your wrist, the side of your forearm, the back of your neck, or the top of your foot.

Eggs are incredibly versatile. Consider pairing an egg tattoo with another one of your favourite breakfast foods. 

Couple Goals

I call dibs on the macaroni noodles. 

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait. Since my name starts with a J, maybe my soul-mate is out there and his name starts with a P...

The heart-shapped pepperoni slices are a sweet touch. 

From health gurus to fitness junkies, everybody these days is obsessed with avocados. 

Vegan AF

This cute tattoo is is a subtle, yet boldly makes a statement about your personal, environmental, and ethical beliefs. It would also be charming on your ankle. 

We all know a vegan who's way too obsessed with avocados and aren't afraid to admit it. 

I'm the stereotypical health nut vegan, so it wouldn't be surprising if I ended up with a vegetable tattoo someday.   Honestly, if I could pick any vegetable it would probably be broccoli.

One piece of advice that came up quite frequently when chatting with my friends was to eat something before going for your tattoo appointment; fainting isn't unheard of. I'll leave you with one last piece of wise advice—have fun with your tattoo. Some people want their tattoo to have a deep meaning and that's marvellous. Other people just want something fun that makes them smile, which is totally cool too. Enjoy the experience and use your food tattoos to use express your identity and personality.