Taylor Swift swallowed a bug on stage. Let me back up. This past Sunday, Taylor Swift was performing at Soldier Field Stadium and was introducing pianist Karina DePiano, a new member of her band, when a bug flew straight into her mouth. Swift began coughing, explaining to the crowd, “I just swallowed a bug, I’m so sorry.” The bug’s agent has yet to comment, so it’s impossible to know if the two will collab again in the future.

Because Taylor Swift swallowed a bug on stage, I decided to compile a list of the top five edible insect brands for your future snacking adventures. So even if you couldn’t score Era tickets, you can eat like Taylor Swift.


Photo by Chapul

Toss out your old protein powder because Chapul’s cricket protein powder is here to slay. What’s more? You can use their cricket flour to make a batch of monster chocolate chip cookies without the usual nutritional guilt because crickets are packed with protein, healthy fats, and micronutrients.

Chirp Chips

Photo by Chirp Chips

When you’re sitting back, wired by the blood-chilling realities of your favorite true crime podcast, swap those Cheetos for Chirp’s whole roasted crickets in Chili Lime or Bugbecue. I’m going for Bugbecue, and it’s only 90% because of the name.

Cricket Flours

Photo by Cricket Flours

When you’re watching that new slasher film you told your friends you weren’t afraid to see, you can nervously munch on Cricket Flour’s roasted crickets or their cricket flour brownies. Not that I do that or anything. I have no fears.

Crunchy Critters

Photo by Crunchy Critters

This brand does not limit itself to crickets. So, if you have a feud with crickets, they’ve got some perfect alternatives. I, for one, am excited to see my mom’s reaction when I dip a roasted scorpion in my morning coffee.


Photo by Exo

This brand is for body builders sick of all the additives and ready to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Exo is known for making a whole array of delectable cricket protein bars with flavors from Peanut Butter and Jelly to Banana Bread.