Insects have been eaten in many countries and cultures for centuries now, but they still have a ways to go before being fully integrated into the average American's diet (which is a real pity when you consider the health benefits you can get from eating bugs). Besides being loaded with protein, calcium and fiber, insects are also surprisingly tasty if you know how to use them. If you're hesitant to throw creepy crawlies right into your salads, don't worry. Now, you can make cakes with them instead! Seek, a food company producing cricket-based snacks, is showing the world that anyone can cook with bugs, and their new cricket baking flours and accompanying cricket cookbook proves it. 

Founded by Robyn Shapiro, Seek is all about insects and what you can do with them. They've recently launched a new line up of products on Kickstarter which include All-Purpose, Gluten-Free and Paleo blends of cricket baking flours, each of which are made with allergies in mind and can be used to replace your standard flour cup-by-cup. That means you can make everything from your favorite brownie recipe to loaves of bread with this hearty, healthy and environmentally-friendly stuff. 

Also part of the Kickstarter is Seek's 100% keto-friendly cricket protein powder. The pure cricket protein powder is the perfect addition to liquid-based foods if you're looking to make some #gains.

If you pledge over $70 to their cause, you'll receive your choice of four of their new cricket flours plus "The Cricket Cookbook". The cookbook features recipes written by a group of amazingly talented chefs who cook with insects in their day to day lives, like Top Chef Finalist Carrier Baird and the famous Van Lueween Artisan Ice Cream. 

If cooking with crickets isn't your thing, Seek also makes healthy cricket snacks like flour granola (cinnamon almond crunch) and energy bites (coconut-cashew, banana-pb+j, and honey-seeds) that are already on the market. All their products focus on taste first and add cricket protein in an unnoticeable way. And, each of these products is a perfect introduction to eating insects without having to taste (or see) them too much. 

While Seek's flour and powder products and cookbook are currently only available to people who back the project on Kickstarter, I wouldn't be surprised if their cricket-based baking flours wind up on shelves across the country at some point. So if you're interested in helping Seek reach their goal of $50,000 make sure to check out their Kickstarter page now through Aug. 7.