Have you ever met someone who doesn't like brownies? Yeah, me neither. We can all pretty much agree that brownies, with their combination of rich chocolate cake and crackly cookies, are incredible. However, finding the perfect recipe can be pretty hard. After spending years trying and failing to find a great recipe (and in that time depending on boxed mix), I've finally found a few. I hope that you enjoy these 6 incredible brownie recipes for any taste.

Rye Brownies

These are the real deal. These brownies are fudgy in the middle with a meringue crunch on top. AKA perfection.  

Sesame + Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Brownies 

If you have a half-full jar of tahini in your fridge from making salad dressing, these brownies are the answer. They're gooey and the addition of sea salt adds a sense of luxury. 

Gooey Sunbutter Brownies 

Yes, this recipe is technically for cookies, but turn them into incredible brownies by replacing each egg with chickpea brine (3 Tablespoons per egg) and baking soda with baking powder (1 to 1 replacement).* Remember to sprinkle some extra dark chocolate on top!

*Adaptation credit from one of the commenters on the recipe itself.

Black Bean Turtle Brownies

Refined sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free brownies may not sound great, but these black bean brownies are incredible. They're filled with date caramel, and if you haven't had a black bean caramel brownie before, it's time.

Paleo + Vegan Fudgy Brownies 

To quote my dad after I made these for the second time in a week, "those were the best vegan brownies ever." Given the amount of vegan brownies I've made, that means something. Though to be fair, I'd just say that these are "the best brownies ever," bar none.

Peanut Butter Brownies ft. Trader Joe's Mix

Pazit Schrecker

Yes, I know that these aren't technically homemade, but they're still super delicious (and incredibly easy to make if you're short on time). For this recipe, replace the butter called for in the mix with peanut butter and use flax eggs in the place of regular eggs (if vegan). Make sure to swirl some extra peanut butter before putting them in the oven!

*Note: You can use any mix for this, I just happen to love the Trader Joe's Truffle Brownie Baking Mix!