Chicken nuggets, steak, salmon — all types of protein you might have ordered at a restaurant. But have you ever considered ordering insects? Nope, insect dishes are not only found in exotic places. You can have an insect-filled meal right here in the United States! Why be ordinary when you can try out these cool places with a new source of protein?

1. Mok Maru Jong Sul Jip, Los Angeles

While the restaurant is known to be a cool drinking spot to watch sports and eat, it is also known to contain one of the most interesting items on the menu: Spicy Silkworm Cocoon. We're betting one would never guess this hidden gem to be on the menu — it's the only insect dish amongst a bunch of basic meat dishes. 

2. Playground Authentic Thai Cuisine, New York City

This restaurant is known for serving some of Thailand's most popular bugs. Exotic insects are present throughout their menu, but some of their most well-known dishes are the fried silkworm larvae and red ant salad. Bored of your traditional, basic restaurant? You better go try out this place.

3. Bug Appétit, New Orleans

This place stresses how insects are simply a good source of protein. If you couldn't tell by the name, the restaurant is all about bugs. Some of their most renown dishes include their cricket-filled crab cake and cricket-topped pastry.

4. Don Bugito, San Fransisco 

This Prehispanic Snackeria company focuses on getting the word out about their plant-friendly protein snacks that consist of bugs. Their mission is to feature these unique items in the United States. Why munch on chips when you can munch on chocolate covered bugs?

5. Sushi Mazi, Oregon

Love trying new foods and love sushi? Then you must try this place. Why be basic with a spicy tuna roll when you could be ordering a grasshopper roll?