Like most of you, I’ve spent the past few months excitedly waiting for the release of Taylor Swift’s “Lavender Haze” music video. That being said, nothing could have prepared me for the glorious lavender dreamscape I received. After watching the video for the tenth time, I pulled myself from the screen and went for a thinking walk. Something was missing, but what in this cruel world could fill the emptiness? Like I do in all moments of confusion, I turned to TikTok, and after a tense half-hour of scrolling, I came across creator @alexiaencinas13’s video, detailing the Lavender Haze Drink from the Starbucks secret menu. Of course! The answer was so simple. I was thirsty for a Lavender Haze-themed drink. TikTok to the rescue once again.

How to order the Lavender Haze secret menu drink at Starbucks

Head to Starbucks, and order a venti passion fruit tea with soy milk and six pumps of vanilla. You’re probably too stunned to ask, but yes, it really is that simple. This TikTok drink won’t test your barista like the Iced White Mocha.

What to expect from the Lavender Haze Starbucks drink

Although not lavender flavored, the drink looks the part beautifully. If you want to match the look of the music video, add some dried blueberries or strawberries. From personal experience, the drink is like sipping on milky vanilla syrup with a hint of passion fruit. It’s the sort of thing the Ancient Greek gods drink when ambrosia bores them.

How to get the Lavender Haze Starbucks drink on a budget

I paid $10.35 (all those vanilla pumps add up). I suggest just getting one or two pumps of vanilla. The drink is cosmically sugary with six pumps, which certainly won’t please everyone’s taste buds and definitely not their wallets. The cost of the tea with just soy milk is $4.65.

How to make the Lavender Haze Starbucks drink at home

Find a tea that brews pink in color, then add as much soy milk as your swiftie heart desires. I like milky tea, and the good thing about making this drink at home is that the color dilution and taste are completely up to you. You can get candied lavender sprigs for the top and add lavender syrup for what would surely be a Taylor Swift-approved version.