Taylor Swift is one of the most relatable celebs in Hollywood. It's no secret that she's an insane singer, but did you know she also happens to be a crazy good chef? She has loved helping her mom in the kitchen ever since she was little. If you need reasons to love her, beyond her music and her epic girl squad, read on to find out Taylor's favorite foods, recipes, and what she always has stocked in her fridge.

1. Her favorite drink is coffee

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Gabby Phi

She's just like us.

2. Her favorite cocktail is vodka Diet Coke

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Now, if you ever bump into her at a bar, you know what to order her.

3. Her favorite food is chicken tenders

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Angela Pizzimenti

Then how does she have the most insane bod?

4. Her drive-through order is a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake

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Alex Weiner

Keeping it real (and healthy).

5. The best birthday cake she has ever had was from Milk Bar for her 25th birthday

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Grace Phillips

She said, "It was so good that even Jay-Z raved about it."

6. She always has hummus in her fridge

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Christin Urso

So, if she ever comes over to hang out, make sure you stock up on hummus.

7. She loves sushi, but she gets it with soy paper instead of with seaweed

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Shannon Hansen

When she went to the beach as a kid she ate actual seaweed, and it didn't leave her with the best impression, so soy paper it is.

8. She loves cooking shows like Barefoot Contessa

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Ina Garten, you should be honored that Taylor not only watches your show, but loves it.

9. Her favorite meal in Nashville is sweet potato pancakes from Pancake Pantry

Alexandra Capello

Learn how to make your own (super easy) version, so that you can eat just like Taylor.

10. Her favorite mom-cooked dish is brisket and pot roast

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She also loves her mom's toffee that is made with brown sugar, chocolate chips, butter, and saltine crackers.

11. If they're in Nashville, her go-to dish to make her family and friends is chicken and dumplings

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She says it's because it's a very southern dish and she loves themes.

12. Her usual breakfast is buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top

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Shannon Peters

Yum. Can I get her to make me one?

13. She drinks orange juice with her breakfast every morning

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Jocelyn Hsu

Gotta get that Vitamin C.

14. She always keeps some type of binge food in her fridge

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Hannah Giardina

Like cookie dough or cinnamon rolls.

Taylor Swift, she's just like us. Who doesn't love cheeseburgers, and who won't admit to keeping a tub of cookie dough in the freezer for when it's "one of those days?" After uncovering these 14 food facts you probably never knew about the megastar, you're, essentially, 14 steps closer to being just like her.