You've been seated, or standing and dancing, at the theater for the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie. You have your collectible Swiftie cup in one hand and your Taylor Swift popcorn bucket in the other. Even though it costs you more than $10 for each item, it was totally worth it. After all, some theaters even added edible pink glitter to the top of their popcorn. You won't get that kind of treatment for seeing Saw X, am I right? Beyond the Eras Tour-themed popcorn buckets and cups, AMC theaters sold various posters, tote bags, light-up batons, and beyond. In fact, these T-Swift bundles are now being sold on Poshmark and Mercari from $150-$230. So, fingers crossed you got yours at the theater or will be seeing the movie during a merch restock. If you have your Taylor Swift popcorn bucket and want to make sure it shimmers in your home, check out how these Swifties are putting their movie merch to good use. 

Makeup brush & claw clip holder

Consider this Taylor Swift popcorn bucket your new BFF for vanity organization. The cup can easily hold all of your makeup brushes, while the bucket is ideal for holding claw clips, scrunchies, and more haircare items. 

Flower pot

Who needs a fancy ceramic case or plant pot when you have the tin Eras Tour bucket? Easily customize your merch item with fresh-cut Trader Joe's flowers, an eternally growing Pothos, or a cute cactus. 

Friendship bracelets & craft supplies

If you had the chance to attend the Eras Tour in person, first off, congratulations, and I am so jealous. Second, what better way to preserve your armfuls of friendship bracelets than keeping them in a Taylor Swift-themed container? You can keep your prized bracelets in your cup and your bracelet beads and string in the bucket. 

Ice bucket

Be like Taylor Swift and have your white wine for a big celebration. Add ice to your popcorn bucket and consider your bubbly *chilled*. P.S. You can also chill your vodka crans in here, too. 

Salad bowl

To anyone who says you'll never use your popcorn bucket again, laugh in their face as you have your Caesar salad. (Of course, serve it up with a Diet Coke and fries, as well.) Plus, this bucket would be good for a nice cocktail afterward, too. 

Movie nights at home

This is for when you stream Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour at home. Duh!

Fruit bucket

It's fall, after all. Go to your nearby apple orchard and use your bucket to pick some delicious Galas for yourself. If you do, in fact, have a horse like user @brianmoggre, you can share with your four-legged friend.