As Taylor Swift would say herself: “The rumors are terrible and cruel / But honey, most of them are true.” Her romance with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was confirmed this weekend when she was spotted cheering him on from his suite during the game against the Chicago Bears. And the Internet can not stop talking about their whirlwind romance.

Taylor Swift loves "seemingly ranch," just like us.

While I’m more of a buffalo chicken dip girl myself, chicken nuggets with “seemingly ranch” and ketchup are Taylor Swift’s food of choice, according to Twitter user @tswifterastour. As a ranch lover, I’m happy that the combination of ranch and meat is being popularized by one of the biggest stars on the planet.

Many users shared their amusement with the phrase “seemingly ranch.” One user even made a “seemingly ranch” Eras Tour-esque friendship bracelet. Can I please trade for it?

And of course, the Kevin James meme had to be used.

Is it ranch though? Could it be blue cheese? Forget her relationship, Taylor Swift needs to confirm this first.

The new couple reportedly bought out a restaurant after the game.

They went to a post-game dinner, Swift-style. According to TikTok user @1989vinyl, Swift paid for the entire restaurant’s meals, on the account that they all left immediately. The two ate an extremely private dinner in Kansas City, which was well deserved after the Chiefs' 41-10 win. Afterward, the two were spotted quite literally driving off into the sunset in Kelce’s convertible, like something out of a movie.

The Internet immediately became obsessed. Many made comparisons to Swift's iconic song “Getaway Car,” one tweeting “‘Getaway Car’ (Taylor’s Version) is gonna hit so hard.” Another user compared the photo to Barbie and Ken, which I have to say is pretty accurate.

I’m completely in support of this new era for Taylor Swift. I hope to see her chowing down on nachos and chicken wings from the sidelines at future Chiefs games.