I feel like I need to preface this now, I don’t know anything about football. Do I watch the Super Bowl every year? Yes. Is it only for the commercials and the halftime show? Also yes. What I do love about football, though, is the food. Give me a plate of chicken wings, and I’m sold. With us being in the football season and all, why not have a round-up of wings that matches every team in the NFL? Here’s the wingtastic (sorry) list. 

Arizona Cardinals: Hot

Photo from Scott Eckersley via Unsplash

It’s just insanely hot in Arizona. 

Atlanta Falcons: Peach Glazed

For Atlanta, I went basic with a peach sauce — it is their state fruit after all.

Baltimore Ravens: Plain

I’m basing this off of Abbott Elementary and how Gregory Eddie, who’s from Baltimore, just likes things plain.

Buffalo Bills: Buffalo

This is self-explanatory.

Carolina Panthers: Carolina Reaper

I’m just matching sauce names to states at this point. It just makes sense that these two go together.

Chicago Bears: Marinara

I didn’t know marinara was a wing flavor. My thought process for choosing this flavor was really how can I bring this back to a deep-dish pizza? TBH, I think this is the best way.

Cincinnati Bengals: Honey BBQ

Photo from Harry Dona via Pexels

They made it to the Super Bowl in 2022, and I think that deserves a top-tier sauce.

Cleveland Browns: Orange Glazed

Their logo is literally an orange and brown helmet.

Dallas Cowboys: Lemon Pepper

It’s just a flavor — just like the Cowboys are just a team.

Denver Broncos: Smoked

Peyton Manning was their quarterback, and from my research, they haven’t made it to the playoffs since he left. So, I kind of get the feeling they’ve been getting smoked without him.

Detroit Lions: BBQ

Photo from Mike Morris via Unsplash

I didn’t really know how to classify this, but according to an avid football watcher (my brother), “the Detroit Lions haven’t had a good run but if you are obsessed with them, there’s something wrong with you. They’re a good team that you wouldn’t mind if they won either.” I feel like that’s the same with just the standard BBQ sauce — it’s a classic sauce, just not my go-to when getting wings, but I also would eat them if it’s ordered.

Green Bay Packers: Garlic Parmesan


Houston Texans: Hickory Smoke BBQ

BBQ is the ultimate vibe in Texas and a popular flavor in the state. Also, according to Texas Monthly, hickory is the wood “used for bacon, the smell of any cut of pork smoked with this wood is reminiscent of it.” The more you know.

Indianapolis Colts: Sweet Chili

Photo from Corey Watson via Unsplash

Indianapolis reminds me of Pawnee, Indiana. If you watched Parks and Recreation, you know the town had a major sweet tooth so, for the Colts I went with sweet chili. The sauce is on the sweeter side but also savory.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Chipotle Lime

I feel that Florida just gives off lime vibes. It’s a bit zesty and then there’s a bit of heat from the chipotle that matches the Florida heat.

Kansas City Chiefs: Ghost Pepper

I don’t know much, but I know they won the Super Bowl. I guess that means they have to be the hottest team right now.

Las Vegas Raiders: Hot Honey

Hot Honey is a sweet yet fiery sauce, and all I know about the Raiders is that Jimmy Garoppolo is their quarterback. Like…have you seen him??

Los Angeles Chargers: Blackened

Photo from Omar Mahmood via Pexels

Do you remember that episode from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will burns down the house cooking? (To be exact season 6, episode 1) Well, the kitchen was left blackened so…yeah I think that works here.

Los Angeles Rams: Mild

I heard they’re the biggest team in L.A. so, there’s bound to be a huge amount of Rams fans when going to L.A. It’s just like when you get a wings menu, mild will always be on it.

Miami Dolphins: Chili Lime

When I think of Miami, I think of tequila and lime hence the chili lime sauce.

Minnesota Vikings: Maple Bacon

Maple bacon gives off cozy vibes, and Minnesota seems like a very cold state. I think they’d like some maple bacon wings.

New England Patriots: Medium

Photo from Razane Adra via Pexels

As a New Yorker, I think they’re mid.

New Orleans Saints: Louisiana Rub

This rub is from Wingstop, and it’d be fake of me not to put the Louisiana rub for the New Orleans team.

New York Giants: Pizza

Who doesn’t love a dollar slice? Now, let’s make it into a wing.

New York Jets: Dill Pickle

Pickles are green.

Philadelphia Eagles: Salt and Pepper

Photo from Daniel Hooper via Unsplash

Do you know what’s popular in Pennsylvania? Yes, Philly cheesesteaks, but that’s not the answer here. The correct answer in this case is pretzels. It’s home to over 40 pretzel companies, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Pretzels are just that salty treat that almost always hits the spot and is the reason why the Eagles get this salty wing flavor.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Honey

Their jerseys are black and yellow — what else is black and yellow? Bees. What do bees make? Honey.

San Francisco 49ers: Old Bay

You know, because of San Francisco Bay and Old Bay…no, just me, okay.

Seattle Seahawks: Sweet and Sour

I went with alliteration here and just matched the double s’s.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mango Habanero

Photo from Roman Odintsov via Pexels

I feel like Tampa Bay just gives fruity vibes, but also it’s Florida and they’re wild down there. That’s just what the mango habanero sauce is — first, it’s sweet, then it’s spicy.

Tennessee Titans: Nashville Hot

It’s only right that I give this to the Titans.

Washington Commanders: Bourbon BBQ

There’s no correlation here. Bourbon makes me think of the Salvatore brothers from The Vampire Diaries, and that show is set in Virginia. The closest team to Virginia is the Commanders.