For Sports fans, it's no brainier on which teams they would love to cheer for when the big game day comes around. That's right, the Super Bowl is tomorrow and fans from all over the country are getting ready to celebrate the occasion. Of course, there are just people, myself included, who only watch the Super Bowl for their stellar commercials. No matter what your reason may be, the Super Bowl is known for bringing people together. That being the case, there is one thing that crosses everyone's minds when it comes to when they have to host this event; what will they serve to their guests? Its hard to know what might be the best way to go but here are some Game day foods that are not just easy to make but will definitely satisfy everyone.

1.  Chicken Wings 

chicken, chicken wings, cutting board
Casey Tang

For every game day, its good to try to bring the same heat that the players in the game give off to your food. So finding the perfect game day food that would not only bring the heat and satisfy a crowd may be a bit challenging. But what better way to bring both to the table is with some chicken wings. 

Whether you get it with the bone or not, every wing is unique and will always have an equal amount of flavor. Personally, the best part of having wings that even if your not a spice fan, wings come in a variety of flavors with their sauces. BBQ, Hot, mild, and much more but no matter what you decide the options are endless.

2. Burgers [Veggie or Meat] 

bacon, cheese, cheddar, beef, bun, onion
Caroline Ingalls

Mouthwatering, delicious, and within a bun. Of course, who would mistake this most popular game day food with another? For years, people have enjoyed having a juicy hamburger when they watch the game with their buddies. 

With an assortment of toppings and sauces, it seems like the flavor combinations are endless when it comes to making the perfect burger for the special occasion. As a bonus, for any of your friends who happen to be vegetarians, burgers are always able to be turned vegetarian with certain ingredients such as tofu or sometimes eggplant. 

3. Hot Dogs

meat, hot dog, sausage, mustard, bun, bread, Summer, BBQ, outdoors.
Sam Jesner

Now for every game day food, there is always a counter option. When it comes to burgers, what better alternative option could there be but the hot dog. As a personal favorite of mine, hot dogs have always been a treat for me when it comes to enjoying the Super Bowl. 

With its meaty beef flavors and wide array of sauces and toppings, it's something that can make the time enjoyable. Just like with the burger, the hot dog is also something that you can turn vegetarian or even Italian just by replacing the meat with an Italian sausages. so in the end, everyone wins!

4. Nachos

nachos, cheese, salad
Abigail Shipps

Hands-on food seems to be the leading game day food on here, but stepping it up means there has to be a food that is catered to the people who don't mind a lot of toppings. Made for groups of people, Nachos have become something of a classic when it comes to parties.

Covered in toppings and a whole lot of cheese, being able to pull these chips apart may become one of your favorite activities when it comes to game day snacking. But if you're like me and don't like everything on top, don't be afraid to share your toppings with someone.

5. Guacamole Dip and Chips 

guacamole, vegetable, herb, avocado
Jocelyn Hsu

Sometimes it's just the simple things in life that can please a huge crowd. For those who want to have more than just one way to enjoy a snack, then chips and dip are the best way to go if you want this game day food. With already having picky eaters in my family already, being able to mix and match flavors is a blast.

Usually, just about any kind of chip will go with a particular dip. In this case, the guacamole dip is the way to go since for years it's been a crowd pleaser. Plus with it being made with avocado, sports fans will still get the same health perks as with a regular avocado. 

6. Cupcakes 

cream, cream cheese, cake, cupcake, sprinkles, cheese
Samantha Fehd

Now with such a big event as the Super Bowl, did you think that we could have a party without a dessert game day food. Seeing how the whole family would get involved with game day its best to take the same route as with the dip and go simple. 

Cupcakes can turn any frown into a smile. For any party, the different flavors you can have are endless but of course, if you want simple, chocolate or vanilla is where you want to go. The best part of them though has to be the icing and the decorations. For my college up here in MA, just throw on the team's logo and you'll be celebrating the Patriots all day long.

The Super Bowl is a special day for fans of the sport, some could say it is as important as any other religious holiday. Getting together with other sports fan as you watch your team play will only get you pumped. With that kind of thinking in hand, you'll need to make sure that what you serve will make any sports fan cheer just as hard as if their team got a touchdown.