As a college student on a budget, venturing off campus for some grub is often faced with some resilience. All too often there's too much money, time and effort involved in traveling for a meal with our tightly scheduled (and occasionally lazy) lives. Sometimes, as sad as this is to admit, on-campus eating is the only option...

However, Wake Forest University has proved itself in the year of 2016 with some iconic feasts, satisfying the bellies of its students. Even though there are moments where a WFU student can not fathom the idea of eating another meal at "The Pit", here are some of the times where that "Pit swipe" was worth it

1. Pitsgiving 

pork, chicken
Liz Miller

This is hands down the best food tradition at Wake Forest. A dining hall full of classic Thanksgiving treasures ranging from loaded stuffing to fluffy mashed potatoes is the place to be. Although it might be difficult to snag a table, the wait is worth it.

2. Breakfast For Dinner

cake, waffle
Francesca Gentile

Breakfast at The Pit is one if its best meals. During finals season, The Pit opens up its kitchens in the later hours of the night, letting Wake Forest professors serve their students classic breakfast creations.

3. World Cultural Festival 

chocolate, coffee, beans
Francesca Gentile

In the beginning of the fall 2016 semester, WFU hosted a World Cultural Festival. In other words, there was food from almost every culture, including Asian noodles, to warm Philippine-style brownies. filling the lower quad. Not to mention, the food was free. 

4. Food Truck Night

tacos, cheese
Francesca Gentile

Throughout the year, the Pit has special nights when they serve food based on a food truck theme. So if you have to eat at the Pit, listen out for these nights — your taste buds with thank you. Stay updated on all the special nights by following @wfdining on Instagram (sometimes they even have giveaways). 

5. Dixie Classic Fair 

Francesca Gentile

Last on the list, but certainly the most memorable. Even though a four minute drive down the street is required, the simple smell of the numerous fried goodies offered at the fair have the power to drag any student out of the library or nap time. The fried PBNJ and Oreos are always a crowd pleaser. 

The year of 2016 had its up and downs, but the food at WFU remained at an up. Hopefully 2017 is full of more decadent surprises that are worth the meal swipe.