If there's one thing that Umami Burger is known for, it's their burger—duh! But they make some other great, delicious eats too. And despite being founded in 2009, Umami hasn't had a secret menu item... until now, and that's a result of their new collaboration with Cholula Hot Sauce. I would like to present to you the new Umami burger—the Chick-Me-Out "burger".

So what exactly is on the burger?

Liz Abere

The Chick-Me-Out burger is essentially a grilled chicken sandwich with no cheese that's slammed between two fluffy buns—so not exactly a burger, despite its name. The toppings include smashed avocado, pickled red onions, lime and green mango slaw and sweet habanero infused pineapple; but that's not all.

The actual chicken breast is marinated in adobo, and the "burger" is slathered with Cholula's new Sweet Habanero sauce. The sauce itself is more of a mild, sweet form of spicy and compliments the chicken, not by overpowering it, but enhancing the flavor.

The Chick-Me-Out burger has just the right amount of heat to it, making it spicy enough that you're going to need some water nearby, but not too spicy to the point that you're breathing like a dragon. It is spicy and sweet and pleasant to taste all at the same time, and is perfect enough to post on Instagram.

Don't be afraid to get an order of Umami's fries to accompany your burger, because no burger should be consumed alone.

What does it cost and when/where is it available?

The Chick-Me-Out burger retails for $12 (before tax) and will be released to the public this upcoming Saturday, May 5th, 2018; alternatively known as Cinco de Mayo. However, not all Umami locations will be fortunate enough to have the burger around.

Only Umami locations in New York, California, and Chicago will be serving up this burger. The Chick-Me-Out burger will only be around until June 5th, 2018, so it's best to get it while you can. The Sweet Habanero sauce will also be available at the locations mentioned above in case you want to experiment and create something with it for yourself.

Here's what you should know about the Sweet Habanero sauce.

It's spicy—after all since it's hot sauce (duh), but you won't burn your tongue off. The sauce itself is a permanent item sold in supermarkets all over and on Shop.Cholula.com. A singular bottle of the hot sauce retails for $3.49 for five ounces of product. You also have the options of buying the Sweet Habanero sauce in a six pack for $21.74, or in a twelve pack for $41.48. 

I have to say, for Umami's first secret menu item, the Chick-Me-Out burger is spot on. No secret menu got its start in life without creative minds thinking of how to create new and intriguing items; let alone how to keep it a secret. There's a first for everything, and just like everything in life, there's always a starting point that originates from an idea that once seemed very small.