If you attend Elon University, then obviously you know of Acorn, the cute little coffee/deli located between the bookstore and the Oak House. Acorn has basically been my second home on campus since day one. This place is basically the sole reason I was motivated to wake up extra early for my classes. After eating here only a million times (#kiddingnotkidding), I have had tried almost every possible combination they have to offer.

Acorn is the ultimate sh*t and here's why:

The Sandwiches

lobster, sandwich, crab, bacon
Sydney Spaulding

The sandwiches at Acorn are to die for. I could actually eat one for every meal. They have any type of combination that fulfills your desire. My favorite “go-to” sandwich is made of wheat bread, honey mustard, cheddar cheese, chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, and red onion.

I got this combination every other day after class last year, no exaggeration. On top of that, I always made sure to get an apple and six packets of peanut butter on the side. As if this sandwich alone isn’t enough, let's not even mention their traditional Friday special of grilled cheese and tomato soup

The Famous "Acorn" Cookie

chocolate, cookie
Sydney Spaulding

This Acorn cookies are a must. No matter how much of a health nut you are, you must at some point try this. Watch out because they are addicting, but I promise they do make the perfect sugar splurge treat. This heavenly masterpiece contains double chocolate, white chocolate chips, and peanut butter. Every cent of this $1.59 cookie is worth it, especially if you are a hardcore peanut butter addict, like myself.  

The Atmosphere

coffee, tea
Sydney Spaulding

So if you couldn’t already tell, I’m a huge fun of the food. But what’s a good snack without a pleasing atmosphere? Atmosphere is key. The interior has such a cozy and warm feel. Being away from home, I especially value this home-y feel. The vibes you get here are far better than the ones you get at any dining hall on campus. It makes for a great meet up spot for not only a good meal, but also for a causal coffee date with a friend or a good environment for studying/finishing up homework before class.

The Employees

Luckily enough, stopping by Acorn almost every day I have gotten the opportunity to befriend such awesome people. Seeing the employees' faces has never failed to light me up, even on my most stressful days. Even if you’re not hungry I’d recommend going here for the mere presence of these wonderful humans.

So if you didn’t get the point already, Acorn has it all. Want a coffee, meal, nice atmosphere, solid hang out spot, good vibes, friendly people? Acorn has got your back.