With finals quickly approaching we are all struggling to get that last minute study time in. This might include pulling a couple all nighters to get those last minute papers done or spending an entire day making flash cards. Regardless of your study habits, caffeine will probably play a key role in your finals week study grind. So, what caffeinated beverage do you need to get through finals this year? 

Black Tea

If you have already been studying your butt off for the past few weeks tea is the perfect drink for you. Black tea will help you relax a bit before your final but it will give you the little bit of caffeine you need to stay up an extra hour to study. It is also a great way to start the day since it will give you a bit of caffeine while still hydrating your body and waking it up. If you don't want or need any caffeine in your day try herbal tea. It will definitely relax you enough to get some sleep before that big Bio exam. 

Caffeine Content: 90 mg

Iced Coffe

Iced coffee is for those who have been studying for a few days to a week before finals. It will give you a pick-me-up to keep you awake while studying, but tastes amazing while doing it. Make sure you try Dunkin' Donuts caramel iced coffee if you haven't already (its my fave) and you can always pair it with a donut for a sugar rush. Iced coffee is also great for the incoming hot days so you can study outside in the sun without over heating. 

Caffeine Content: 159 mg

5-Hour Energy

If it's the weekend before finals and you have yet to study a 5-hour energy might be the right move for you. Its a good choice if you want to stay up late studying but still want to get some sleep before your exam. The caffeine content isn't too high so you can drink multiple to get you throughout the day but try not to over do it. 5-hour energy is a good move if you need to spend the day and part of the night to finish that pesky English paper that you waited until last minute to finish. 

Caffeine Content: 215 mg

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast coffee may not seem super high on the caffeine content but two of these will take you over the caffeine limit for an average person. So, this is for those who start studying the day before the exam and plan to stay up all night. It's a great way to cram for any exam, especially those that don't require any sleep. Dark roast is also much cheaper and contains less calories than the average Starbucks frappuccino and other sugary drinks. Just try not to drink more than two in 24 hours or you may never sleep again. 

Caffeine Content: 260 m

Nitro Coffee

A lot of people believe nitrogen helps the body absorb the caffeine faster or maybe its just the sheer amount of caffeine going into the body at once. Regardless of which is true you will be very awake after a cup of nitro coffee. It is best for those who need to pull an all nigher and still need to be functioning properly for their exam in the morning. Just don't drink more than one or you might vibrate to death. 

Caffeine Content: 381mg

Regardless of what type of caffeinated beverage you need to get you through this week good luck on your finals! Study hard and don't fail (but if you do, it's going to be okay too).