What's work without coffee? I don't know. I've never quite given myself the opportunity to find out, but why would I?  Coffee is the answer to many of life's stumping challenges. Tired, drink coffee. Bored, drink coffee. Hungry, drink coffee. It also saves me from spending hours walking the lengths of my school's library to find a suitable seat to study, so really - there's zero to lose from moving your study space into an Atlanta coffee shop, except the money your parents gave you to "use wisely".

1. Octane

Welcome to my finals week game changer.  Happy staff, deliciously well-crafted coffee/tea, and beautiful work spaces scattered all over Atlanta.  I go there way more than twice a week to soak in the refreshingly calm atmosphere.  It's my definition of perfect with the smell of coffee lingering in the air and the sound of light chatter...and it's the place that got me hooked on Long Blacks.

2. Dancing Goats

Located in Ponce City Market, this is probably one of the most hipster places I've ever been to.  The legend of the Dancing Goats is focused on the goatherd Kaldi who essentially got FOMO when he noticed his goats full of energy after eating some berries. He followed the goats in eating the berries, and BOOM, coffee was invented (thanks, Kaldi). You can imagine this place is rather buzzing, which adds a little more light into the work day.

3. Condesa Coffee

cream, milk, coffee
Diana Milton

I happened upon this coffee shop, and honestly, no regrets made. This place can be described with one word - crisp. It's just perfectly decorated, well lit, ideal temperature, great coffee, and amazing food. Everything exceeded expectations. The coffee is practically served in a bowl, and the environment just fostered working hard (after I posted the adorable snap story above, of course). 

4. Amelie's French Bakery

If you're planning on studying here, you better get there early to snag a table because this place gets packed.  Delicious food (don't judge my two slices of cake), amazing coffee, nothing could be better. The aesthetic is very mystical, Alice in Wonderland vibes, so it's perfect even to just have a laid-back meet up with friends

So, I'm sure I'll be seeing you around the coffee shop circuit if you follow my recommendations.  I promise you that you won't regret it...your wallet might, but you definitely won't.  The coffee's just too good. Cheers!