The breakfast food of all breakfast foods is the doughnut. It's affordable, Instagrammable, and always filling. Whether you spell it donut or doughnut, I think we can all agree on the beauty of this sweet fried dough. Luckily, over-the-top doughnuts have taken over the Instagram community making it easy to get your daily dose of this sweet (and sometimes savory) treat. 

If you're not Homer Simpson, and would rather stare at doughnuts than eat them (or maybe collect some #inspo for your next treat), these Instagram accounts are for you.

1. @donuts

This is the OG doughnuts account. If you only follow one doughnut account on Instagram, it should be this classic brought to you by the Infatuation. It features the most drool-worthy and OTT doughnuts posted on Instagram. With almost 1 million followers, you've made it to #instafame if you get featured here. You know the hashtag to use: #EEEEEATS. 

2. @broadst_doughco

If you live in New Jersey, you might be familiar with these over-the-top creations. Boring doughnuts do not exist at Broad Street Dough Co. and their Instagram proves it. Whatever your doughnut topping dream is, you can probably find it on their Instagram. Try not to get too much drool on your phone screen.

3. @donutscookiesandcream

This account gives you a little variety outside of just doughnut posts, but the doughnuts are the stars here. They post doughnuts in all their foodporn forms such as stacked, on top of milkshakes, and even on skewers. No boring doughnuts allowed.

4. @dunkindonuts

"America runs on Dunkin'," and so does Instagram. A solid 1.2 million followers show that people like staring at Dunkin' Donuts as much as they like eating it. Dunkin's account offers aesthetically pleasing posts of their classic donuts along with some iced coffee shots and cute donut sayings — "donut miss out." 

5. @californiadonuts

This LA favorite is as devoted to its Instagram as it is to serving doughnuts 24/7, 365 days a year. If you've ever seen a picture of letter-shaped doughnuts, you've seen California doughnuts. With cereal toppings and lots of fun decorations, there is always a new creation being featured.

6. @donutsnob

Another LA classic, this is a delivery only doughnut shop that offers many aesthetically pleasing posts of their boxes of doughnuts. Their doughnut creations are works of art that will definitely satisfy all doughnut snobs out there.

7. @goglazed

I'm very sorry if you have never had a doughnut from Glazed & Infused. This Chicago chain makes doughnuts that taste just as good as they look. Follow them for their brightly colored doughnuts and new doughnut character, Johnny B. Glazed.

8. @poweredbydoughnuts

The owner of @poweredbydoughnuts, Steven, proves that you can follow your dreams of eating lots of beautiful doughnuts. Whatever your doughnut fantasy is, he has eaten it. Follow him for your daily dose of doughnut foodporn.

9. @doughdoughnuts

New York City is arguably the food empire of the country and Dough lives up to the high food standards. Their account serves up posts of perfectly glazed doughnuts with a side of city views. As if that wasn't enough, they offer some serious food goals with a doughnut tower and doughnut cake.

10. @voodoodoughnut

The saying "don't play with your food" does not apply on this account. Voodoo Doughtnut is a chain known for its over-the-top decorated doughnuts. Their feed features cowboys, unicorns, and various other themed doughnuts along with normal shaped doughnuts in fun flavors. However, the main draw is their namesake doughnut, the voodoo doughnut.

11. @glazed_and_confused_

Glazed and Confused offers a variety of doughnuts in every shape, color, and flavor. From cronuts to munchkins to doughnuts on top of doughnuts, she has tried it. Follow her to stay up-to-date on all doughnut trends (like the everything doughnut pictured above.)

12. @doughnut_time

I'm taking the list international with this Australian doughnut account. Doughnut Time doesn't just advertise all their unreal doughnut creations, they also share images of people and pups enjoying these treats. You might not be able to fly to Australia just to try these, but you can follow them and that's almost the same thing.

13. @donutfriend

California really loves its doughnuts. This highly followed account highlights all of Donut Friend's photogenic creations. They give you a little bit of everything with classic doughnuts, fun doughnuts, munchkins, and even doughnut sandwiches.

14. @five_daughters_bakery

If you're into following healthy foodporn, Five Daughters Bakery is the account to follow. These beautiful creations are made with organic and locally sourced ingredients, so even your Insta feed can now be organic.

15. @firecakes

As a Chicago native, Firecakes is one of my favorites both on Instagram and in real life. They alternate between original content and featured pictures from their customers. Home to doughnut ice cream sandwiches and the mega birthday cake doughnut, there's always a picture to satisfy your latest doughnut craving.

You might not be able to eat large amounts of doughnuts in a day, but at least you can follow a lot of accounts featuring them, and that's better than nothing. If you do get to check out some of these places IRL, enjoy your tasty doughnut, then be sure to 'gram them yourself for all the likes.