The holiday season is here and so is the food! The pies, cakes, turkeys, and candy are all fantastic, but what happens post-holidays? How do you get rid of the bloated look? Definitely NOT detox tea. Take a seat. I'm here to serve you the real tea. 

Studies by HEALTH magazine, have shown that these so-called "detox teas" that we intake, do nothing more than dehydrate your body. The most you could lose is water weight after the first few weeks. Now, you're probably wondering, "Well, What can I drink now?" Here's a quick list of cheaper alternatives. 

1. Water

Tip: The required amount of water intake needs to be half of your body weight. Who knew?

2. Fruit

 Now, not just ANY fruit. It's best to intake fruit that contains water like watermelon, pineapples, strawberries, or cucumbers. Let go of the cookies, cakes, and pies and pick up an apple or two.

3. Working out 

Detoxing can only work effectively if you eat right and stay ACTIVE. Yeah, you may lose water weight but to get rid of those pounds you've really been wanting to lose, it is best to work out 30 minutes a day. 

4. Love Yourself During the Process

We all know the holidays can be quite depressing from some, love yourself when times get hard. If you're under or over the weight you desire, love yourself until you get where you want to be! 

Detoxing can be difficult around the holidays, but with the right support and a little motivation, it can become a breeze! Stay positive, Stay strong, stay confident, and Happy Holidays.